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"The Catapult": Where To Hear New Writing

The Catapult is a new podcast that highlights emerging fiction, nonfiction and poetry writers, with your host Jaime Green. Here's episode one! You can subscribe on iTunes or follow on Tumblr.


Take a Day off with Truffaut

If you have 12.5 hours to spare (or 25 intervals of 30 minutes, up to you),you might enjoy Francois Truffaut's extremely long interview with Alfred Hitchcock. [Via.]


The Aspic Tines: The Gayest Electro-Disco Ever

The Aspic Tines is the answer to: "What if you took Hercules and Love Affair and made it gayer, and made it happen in Leipzig, as an homage to Klaus Nomi, RIP?" Here is a hilarious interview with its creator, Marc Ruvolo, and here is the outfit's MySpace. BEEP BEEP BEEP BLOOP.


Your Guide to Today in 2 Minutes and 9 Seconds

The day ahead, and the morning in review! (Subscribe on iTunes here.)


Was This It? A Mixtape

Here is a mixtape about pronouns and antecedents. (Although, oftentimes, it turns out, in the popular music, "it" stands for sexual intercourse and/or genitalia.) The author notes, regarding the music of today: "I'm sorry, you want it what way? What is the this that's not it? Wait, what exactly won't you do?"


Awl Commenters on the Radio!

Awl pal and commenter Josh Fruhlinger stars in a The Story radio segment, based on his experiences in the dot com boom. It is hilarious and also totally worth getting through the segment on marijuana farming in New Mexico that precedes it.


Ana Lola Roman, "Decode"

This is an EP, in advance of an album this summer, by the "Harlequin Futurist Ghetto Flamenco Queen" Ana Lola Roman. Lady electro! Post goth kitty cat music! She has all of the potential. (Also someone's got a Tumblr.) (via)


All The Best Single Ladies of the Decade

Woman-interested site Wears the Trousers mag has been counting down their top 100 albums of the decade; they have now published from numbers 100 on down through 26. Tomorrow comes their top 25 and I actually cannot imagine what is going to be on it. Checking in at #99? Yo Majesty! (OMG, remember them from like 2008?) Yes: the "now-defunct lesbian Christian rap duo" that "didn't quite make the transition from internet phenomenon to unit-shifting hip-hop megaliths." Indeed. In other news, it's truly irking to see Hope Sandoval rank just above Gillian Welch (don't get me started!) but mostly otherwise this is a fascinating list that is an [...]