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The Very Best Copy Of "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" And Just A Little Of Bill Burroughs' Methadone

For 30 years, Rick Synchef carried around Tom Wolfe’s 1968 book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. It was a first edition purchased from a dealer, but it never occurred to Synchef that value might be lost with wear or anachronistic additions. He considered it to be a perfect novel, and collecting the signatures of Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters the ultimate homage.

“You have to understand, LSD was legal,” Synchef said. Lysergic acid diethylamide was the Prankster’s drug of choice, taken collectively at parties in hopes of achieving true intersubjectivity.

Synchef did not attend those parties, but longed to meet those who did. Every [...]


Would You Like To Own This Wacky Telegram From Ernest Hemingway?

In the summer of 1959, Ernest Hemingway lit out for Spain on assignment. He was to write a long article about a series of bullfights between the country’s finest matadors, Antonio Ordóñez and Louis Miguel Dominguin.1 But on the northern side of the Mediterranean Sea, a single commission from Life swelled into a three-part series, during a long summer that would prove to be his last hurrah.

Hemingway formed his own cuadrilla in Málaga, and invited 19-year-old Valerie Danby-Smith to join.2 Val, as he called her, had been sent to interview him for the Irish Times. He rarely entertained requests from journalists at that point, but she had charmed him, [...]


Bill Wasik, I Bought Your Book!

Dear Bill Wasik: I am totally convinced! I have now spent $9.99 on your book for my iPhone Kindle app. Hey. Also the interview thingie with Simon Dumenco was excellent. I heartily endorse that others should buy And Then There's This as well. Yours, The Awl.


Which Book Published Today Should You Buy?

So many books. So little time. Every day just brings more! Here's a handy guide to help you choose which new books today you should buy. All of these books are available at your local independent bookseller, including fine establishments like McNally Jackson! Or anywhere else you might care to buy books! Let's begin….

Can we interest you in a reported history of the colonialist construction of the "Middle East" that paved the road to endless instability and death?

Pamela Erens' latest is a tale of two misfits at a fancy boarding school in 1979. The "heiress apparent" to James Salter, goes a blurb! This [...]


Buy It, Okay? 60 Pages of Prime Magazine for Just $11

Among the other reasons to purchase Longshot magazine-the 60-page magazine created, written, designed and edited over the course of last weekend!-is that among the nearly 60 contributors is one Alexandra Paul (AKA Lt. Stephanie Holden of Baywatch fame). Also for nerds like myself, there is a short and elegant piece by Nick Sylvester, in which he (for what I believe is the first time) addresses a semi-long-ago dust-up of conflicting values, which ended in him being tossed out of Pitchfork and the Village Voice. The main reason to purchase it is to support weird media projects, of course! Alternately, you could just get it [...]


This Functional Yet Minuscule Gold Skeleton Can Be Yours On Monday

Hello, would you like to buy something weird? Hammer Time is our guide to things that are for sale in New York City… fantastic, consequential and freakishly grotesque archival treasures that appear in public for just a brief moment, most likely never to be seen again.

On April Fool's Day in 1896, the Musée du Louvre issued an announcement: For 200,000 francs, they had acquired an ancient Greek tiara that once belonged to the Scythian King Saitapharnes. It was decorated with scenes from the Iliad and bore an inscription experts at the museum dated from late 3rd to early 2nd century B.C.E.

The Louvre proudly placed the Tiara of Saitaferne [...]


Amy Jean Porter T-Shirt!

Awl Chief Drawing Person Amy Jean Porter has a new t-shirt for sale, from the series North American Mammals Speak the Truth and Often Flatter You Unnecessarily. It's from this drawing and it's got a jaguar who compliments you on your handwriting! In other news, Amy is finishing a very exciting book right now but she'll return here before you know it.