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Sol Yurick, 1925 – 2013

"While working with poor families, he encountered children who were members of street gangs. He found it impossible to talk to them directly about gang life; they would tell him only what they believed he wanted to hear. A rented panel truck gave him a way to observe them secretly. He walked the streets where the gangs ruled, and once went on foot through the subway tunnel between 96th Street and 110th Street. It was a scary experience. He wanted to show that street gangs, universally seen as a symptom of social dysfunctionality, gave to the poor a structure of loyalty and a sense of community. They were neither [...]


If You Know What Comes Next Give Yourself A Prize

Today in lines I did not see coming: "He still loves his wife. But after 25 years of marriage, he has lost his enthusiasm for sex with her. Still. It is Valentine's Day. And she has been hinting. So he takes her to a nice dinner, uncharactertistically orders an after-dinner drink, and feels extra discouraged when it only makes him more tired. He is 55. And so tired. Upon returning home, he wants more than anything to just fall asleep, but damnit, he makes the effort. He surprises her with a gift, lights candles, and dutifully makes love to her in the fashion he thinks that she will most [...]


Man Writes For Free

"I might have used a different word than 'liquidation' to describe what’s being done to the UAW and the American working class. Maybe 'emasculation' is more to the point." —Oh good, Harper's money-daddy Rick MacArthur is writing for free on the Internet again. (Previously.)


To The Internet

I love this: "I want to roll my eyes on the internet. I want to LOL and OMG on the internet. I want someone to tell me to go DIAF on the internet. I want to be able to talk about the newest internet meme, without having to actually pronounce meme, because fuck people. I don't know. But I can look it up on the internet! I want to read news and gossip and dramz on the internet." There is so much more and you should read it all. Thank you.


Ohhhh Noes, There Are Fatwas on Facebook!

War-mongering health-care privatization advocate Niall Ferguson is the sort of person who gets to take to the pages of Newsweek to declare himself appalled that people use the Internet for bad things! "The clash of civilizations would have been easy for the West to win if it had simply pitted the ideas and institutions of the 21st century against those of the seventh. No such luck. In the new mash of civilizations, our most dangerous foes are the Islamists who understand how to post fatwas on Facebook, email the holy Quran, and tweet the call to jihad."

This is the second most-mockable thing I've read in the last [...]