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Moby Lonely, Warm

Once the "society truffle-pig" of New York City, rooting out trends and snuffling up excitement, Moby, graduate of Darien High School and brief attendee of Connecticut College, was the ultimate Lower East Side fixture. But there is only so much vegan food one can eat at expensive yet crappy places on First Avenue! And so the Christian has departed happily for the other coast. Is New York City actually New York City without Moby? It's unclear.

His argument for Los Angeles? Everyone's allowed to fail there. A writer’s screenplay may be turned into a major movie, but there’s a good chance her next five screenplays won’t [...]


Elements of Stale, with Luke Mazur: The Text

So in high school we were forced to buy this English language handbook called Warriner's. The book was bright red like an biohazard needle drop box, but that has nothing to do with the fact that the faculty revered it. Some teachers, particularly the much older ones, referenced it regularly. The Jesuits, who could be iffy on the existence of God and other metaphysical questions, were dogmatic about whatever the hell Warriner's decreed. Its rules of grammar and composition were gospel.