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Ask Polly: My Life Is A Beige Pointless Hellscape!

Dear Polly,

I don't seem to want anything all that badly. Well, I do and I don't… You talk about having a compelling vision for your life. Well, I can't seem to come up with much of one. At best everything is fuzzy. I've always wanted one of those careers where you're paid to be yourself—one where you can be funny and show off on a stage and make people laugh and be entertained. To be someone's muse and inspiration rather than the service lackey I am now. Except I took acting classes and auditioned for plays and never got in. I'm not stereotypically good looking and female, plus in [...]


When Your Shrink Dies: Emma Forrest's Therapy Memoir

If you've ever been in therapy and liked, trusted and worried about losing your shrink, Emma Forrest has lived your nightmare. Three years ago, her psychiatrist died of lung cancer she didn't know he had. This was the man who rushed to her side at St. Vincent's after she downed a bottle of pills, who sang show tunes—"It's just his neurosis that oughta be curbed / he's psychologically disturbed!"—with her in sessions, and who tried, with no hint of salacious intent, to confiscate a fashion photo she showed him of herself, bleeding from self-inflicted cuts, in her underwear. With Dr. R's help, she "fell out of love with madness” [...]


"Who’s going to listen to a divorced marriage and family therapist?"

"Therapy is my life. But at 49 I got divorced and I stopped caring what my clients needed me to be. I let my inner child run free, and I didn’t care what my clients knew of it. Well, OK, so I didn’t want them to know I was sleeping with the 28-year-old-high-school-dropout-ponytailed-pothead-philosopher-handyman who lived next door to me, but that was none of their business."


Children of Therapists: An Analysis

Does having a therapist as a parent make you more likely to be fucked up? Children of therapists say no. That sounds about right. I think pretty much just having parents makes you more likely to be fucked up. (You know what the man said.) Still, having had a couple of friends growing up whose parents were therapists, I will say this: They do drive you crazy with the questions (the parents, that is). Also, psychologists tend to be defensive because everyone knows that they can't prescribe medicine, which even animal doctors get to do. But I digress. The kids, anyway, were mostly fine, which is to [...]


How They Got There: A Conversation With Wilderness Therapist Brad Reedy

Brad Reedy grew up surfing in Orange County. He originally planned to be an English teacher, but a chance internship pushed him toward the practice of wilderness therapy instead. With a few colleagues, Reedy launched Second Nature, a treatment group dedicated to helping troubled preteens, teens and young adults. Four years ago, he stepped back from the therapy side to focus on outreach and growing the organization, which now has four sites in three states. As the face of the company, Reedy travels 130,000 miles a year. We met on one of his recent trips to New York.

How did you get here?

During my graduate work at Brigham [...]