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Who's Looking Out For Jasper Johns?

Two decades ago, Martin Lang paid £100,000 for what he thought was a painting by Marc Chagall—a reclining nude, dated 1909-10. Recently, at his son’s behest, Lang submitted the painting to the producers of the BBC art program "Fake or Fortune?" Unfortunately for Lang, "Fake or Fortune"'s analysis came up fake: it showed that the painting's blues and greens used pigments only developed in the 1930s.

Upon this discovery, Lang was issued a writ by the Chagall Committee—based in Paris and headed by Chagall's two granddaughters—which is the only body with the authority to declare the authenticity of a Chagall. Now that Lang's painting has been shown to [...]


America Is Under Siege By Bee Bandits

"Bee rustlers have been an expensive problem for beekeepers in countries like Britain and New Zealand, where secondhand hives can sell for $300 each on the black market. But until recently, there has been relatively little news of bee rustling in the U.S."


Dear Woman Who Lived Up On The Hill Near The Lighthouse

Dear woman who lived up on the hill near the lighthouse,

Sorry for stealing the head of that Greek statue from your lawn.


The Most-Stolen Books At McNally Jackson

For some customers of delightful Prince Street bookstore McNally Jackson, the 20% discount on offer in July just wasn't enough. Some customers would just rather steal. Turns out, there's a certain subset of literature that really brings out the sticky fingers in people. When the staff discovered which books were being slipped into backpacks and satchels with the most regularity, they moved these titles to a protected section behind the counter. Books on lockdown! So-here are the books all the kids are stealing these days!


The Great Crypto Stagecoach Robbery

Anyone holding Bitcoins—or pretty much any cryptocurrency, really—has taken a substantial hit in the last few months, with the exchange rate of dollars to Bitcoins dropping from a high of around $1200 last November to around $550 today. But it's possible that those whose Bitcoins were parked at the long-troubled Mt. Gox exchange have suffered a near-wipeout, or even a total one, in what may have been the catastrophic theft of some 744,000 Bitcoin from that exchange.

Mt. Gox was the first big Bitcoin exchange; as such it attracted the most attention, the most traffic, and the most trouble. It was hacked repeatedly because, at one time, it was [...]


America Is Under Siege By Tide Bandits

Just be happy I didn't go with something like "the rising tide of crime." Anyway, this is happening. Supposedly. I dunno, man. I just do not know.


Plagiarism is Everyone's Business and Business is Good

"The concept of plagiarism, however, is learned in more specialized contexts of practice entered into only by a few; it's hard to get from the notion that you shouldn't appropriate your neighbor's car to the notion that you should not repeat his words without citing him." -Stanley Fish tries to make the argument that plagiarism is an "insider's issue" for academics and specialists. Stanley Fish is totally missing the fact that there's been a worldwide exponential explosion in the number of authors and publishers in the last 15 years. Now word and idea theft is everyone's business-and it's big business, from social media to classrooms to [...]


Public Apology: Dear Guy In A Brown Corduroy Jacket

Dear guy in a brown corduroy jacket,

I'm sorry for stealing $40 from your checking account at the ATM in the HSBC Bank on Union Square East.


"Medical machine containing flesh-eating bacteria stolen from Orlando lab"

Don't worry about this for a single moment.


Instapaper FBI Server Theft is Theft

Earlier this week, the government came in hot and swooped into a data center and grabbed a bunch of servers—rather indiscriminately! This was part of Operation Trident Tribunal, which, wow. Operation Trident Tribunal will just come and take whatever it wants, whenever it wants. The proprietor of Instapaper writes today, of his stolen server: "The FBI has only stolen my time and a partial month of hosting fees, not any physical property of mine…. Possibly most importantly, though, the FBI is now presumably in possession of a complete copy of the Instapaper database as it stood on Tuesday morning, including the complete list of users and [...]


Giuliani's Daughter No Altar Boy

The Post is reporting that Caroline Giuliani, the former mayor's youngest child, was arrested today at the Sephora on 86th and Lexington-near the home of her mother Donna Hanover, Rudy's ex-wife- for allegedly shoplifting from the cosmetics store. The 20-year-old was caught in the act at 3:30 p.m., the Daily News alleges. This is the conversation I had with a Sephora employee shortly thereafter.


Nab Woman In Protracted Gold Bar Grab

Johnny Cash did it in "One Piece At A Time." Jason Robards did it in Max Dugan Returns (ten-year-old me loved that movie). And now Teresa Tambunting joins the ranks of those fictional counterparts whose patience and determination resulted in a vast heist over an extended period-in this case, six years. Unfortunatley for Tambunting, the resolution of this story does not involve an amalgamated Cadillac or a heartwarming reunion with a long-abandoned family; no, the Scarsdale mom may get a 25-year sentence for stealing $12 million worth of gold from the jewelry store at which she was employed.