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Martin Amis Too Bohemian For Brooklyn

Here is a reenactment of novelist Martin Amis getting upset because he has come to view the scene in Brooklyn, where he moved two years ago, as "terribly transactional" and "populated by conventional posers." [Via]


Young One Old

Remember Neil from "The Young Ones"? He's sixty. Yep.


Jet Harris, 1939-2011

The British bass guitarist Terence "Jet" Harris died of cancer on Friday at the age of 71. I had never heard his name before, I don't think (and what an awesome name it is!) Though I'd heard and enjoyed some of his music—and, even more so, a lot of music that was made out of other recordings and samplings of music that he recorded first. And his life, I've learned over the past couple days, was a story of both great victory and sadness.