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"I only understood a little, but things were not going well." —Max Payne

The first weird thing that happened to me in South Korea was when I was doing a favorite thing: sitting in my boxers, eating pistachios. I was in front of my computer talking to a friend from home when someone knocked on my door. This was unusual. I’d only just moved to Korea to teach English and no one knew where I lived and no one had any reason to visit. Reasons for others to intrude into your life accumulate without your awareness all the time, and in strolled five police officers clad in black track [...]


Did People Outside the U.S. Care About Our Election?

While everything stopped here in America to watch the alleged nail-biter, or what the TV told us would be a nail-biter, how did the rest of the world react?

• "Today’s table topics: Egypt’s constitution-to-be, a proposed restaurant and shop curfew, the need for interior ministry reform. The U.S. presidential election? Not on the menu. 'We’ve got more than enough to worry about with Morsi,' the 42-year-old Somaya says, roughly chopping a bundle of molokheya, bitter greens common in the Egyptian kitchen. 'I didn’t even know about the U.S. election, and I don’t care. Whoever wins won't make a difference to us.'"

• "I confess to [...]


52 Incredible Women Arrested in Khartoum

These protests in Sudan are awesome: "52 women were arrested on Tuesday as they protested outside the country’s justice ministry." The trigger for the demonstration: a video of a woman being flogged, in public, by "laughing police officers." There is video but I haven't watched it and don't feel any need to share it. I mean, it's of someone being humiliated and flogged in public by the state, and the description of the video alone should upset people.


Things That Changed The World, From Least Changey to Most Changey


Mr. Hornaday, a peculiar Victorian zookeeper


The banana

Temple Grandin

The 1960 Olympics in Rome


A topographic map which shows a delineation of the strata of England and Wales


The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire *


The 1893 Columbian Exposition *

The year 1959 **

The battle of Thermopylae

The friendship between Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

January [...]


A Few Things to Do This Weekend (Besides Nap)

• Aww, tonight at 7:30 pm (EST) the final episode of Radio Happy Hour takes place live and live-streaming on the internet, with guests including Awl pal Mike Doughty and others.

• And tonight Lev Grossman is reading at the 82nd Street B&N.

• Expiring soon on Netflix Instant! Margot Kidder in Black Christmas and that Wilco documentary. And new on Netflix Instant: Madonna: Truth or Dare and Passion Fish!

• There is a big fun group show opening at Kunsthalle Galapagos (say that 10 times fast) on Saturday evening.

• Also on Saturday, at Union Hall, it's Back to Black, a (sincere) dance party/"neosoul [...]


A Global Guide to Airbnb Adjectives

Airbnb, like the Fiske Guide to College, is rife with creatively employed adjectives. After all, not everyone’s studio can be “cozy.” And now, as New Yorkers are no longer allowed to let strangers use their apartments as makeshift hotels, European Airbnb hosts have cornered the weird-adjective market. Is the prose of European hosts touched by the cultural and economic microclimates tearing the European Union apart? Do their adjective choices shed light on the current political situation abroad? Is Google Translate to blame? Join me in a select alphabetical-by-city review of European Airbnb adjectives.

Athens Athenian apartments are in the heart of the city, where guests can feel [...]


Oh Good, We Bombed a Library

Things in Libya are… God, this is depressing. But we've apparently done great damage to Gaddafi's Bab al-Azizya compound! Take that, books and files! Worry not, Lindsey Graham and John McCain are out agitating for us to just assassinate Gaddafi. (I'm pretty sure that's what "cut the head of the snake off" means.) You know: the American way.

Elsewhere? Much worse! Apparently government troops are firing on protesters in Yemen today, and, after the horrific weekend in Syria, "Syrian troops and tanks have entered the city of Deraa, where the protests against the Assad regime began last month. Troops reportedly opened fire randomly on people and [...]