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My Hairdo Is Not Your Safari

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, New York Times technology reporter Jenna Wortham tells us more about how people somehow still don’t know that it’s not OK to just reach out and touch someone else’s hair without asking.

Why do w girls keep tryna touch my topknot? Don't touch my topknot! #DTMT

— ▵ Jenna Wortham ▵ (@jennydeluxe) March 12, 2014

Jenna! So what happened here?

So, I was at South by Southwest, at a party for the artist Kehinde Wiley. I was in a great mood, slightly tipsy, loving [...]


White Woman Wants Your Home

I was thinking about writing a dissertation on gentrification and race in Brooklyn but yesterday's New York Times' real estate section had this photo and caption on its front page so I guess it's covered.


Jonathan Franzen And Clay Shirky Fight Over Their Girlfriend, The Internet

The event wasn’t supposed to be some run of the mill afternoon of discourse. It was anticipated like an Ali-Frazier bout of verbal sparring, and it featured two thinkers with polarized views about my favorite subject: whether technology is good for the culture.

In one corner of this New Yorker festival production was best-selling novelist and maybe-lovable curmudgeon Jonathan Franzen. He was there to represent a starchy, Luddite view. Franzen is the author of million-selling The Corrections and Freedom (and two other novels!) but others know him best as the man who defied Oprah. In the other corner was media and technology theorist Clay Shirky. Shirky is the only [...]


Sam Adams, "Driving Me Crazy"

Wait a minute. This new rapper, Sam Adams-white-kid from Boston, goes to Trinity College, accused of buying 8,000 copies of his own record on iTunes to get famous-he's part of that crazy faux-documentary Casey Affleck's making with Joaquin Pheonix, right? I mean, this is just Casey Affleck's little cousin or something, right? This is a hoax, right? And… is that an Annie Lennox sample! What is going on?!


Which Is The Whitest TV Network Of Them All? (CBS)

ABC CBS Fox NBC Fox with Animation CBS without Five-0

It's part of the reason CBS paid $10.8 billion for 14 years worth of broadcast rights to the NCAA tournament.

Yes, having the rights to a really popular sporting events allows networks to sell ad time at a premium during said event, but it also gives them the opportunity to pimp their own programming. "Hey, now that we have several million people watching Tennessee play Michigan, why not tell them about that new comedy we're airing?" It doesn't take a particular genius to figure that out, but all of the networks do it and they've all [...]


Fear Of A Black Opening Weekend

The Best Man Holiday is a success. That is not particularly a "surprise." It did not "over-perform," nor did it soar for a "race-themed film," as USA Today originally wrote. To speak of it in these terms reduces The Best Man Holiday to thousands of frames of low expectations. It existed and won. As a film, it was 50% an above-average comedy and 50% an abysmal drama. But financially—the only metric that matters to studios—it was a knockout. Set in the present. Not filmed by Tyler Perry. Of which you can expect to see more.

Malcolm D. Lee's movies, in fact, have nearly all been significant [...]


Twitter Users by the Math: To Be Young, Chatty and "Urban"

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: )Fri Nov 26 04:59:06 via webKanye Westkanyewest

Did you look through the Pew study on Twitter use that came out last week? We finally did! The data uses interviews conducted by both landline and cellphone numbers—so respondents are limited to people who'll actually pick up the phone for a random number. (Who are those people?) What did we learn? An amplification of four things we already knew.


Black Lady Tries Out Being White Online, Is Understandably Horrified

I have been very much enjoying Kia Matthews' Very Scientific White Girl v. Black Girl Online Dating Site Experiment. For it, she posted profiles of both a little white woman and of herself-and then watched the responses from hot and bothered men come flooding in… to the white woman. Yes, there are many potential, undefined variables in this experiment, which she is quite clear about up front. And yes, it is also actually fascinating. Part four, published today, deals with word count of responses and education level of responders. The data may (not) surprise you. (Also, you can begin at the beginning and continue here and [...]


Whitest White People Got Whiter: Report

"European humans have become 'whiter' in the past 5,000 years, undergoing a distinct change in their DNA due to natural selection, according to scientists."


A #WhiteBoyWednesday FAQ

#WhiteBoyWednesday—a thing that happens on Twitter!—brings many questions. How can you best enjoy white boys on Wednesday? We investigated.

Can you pander and post selfies?

@Swirlovin #WhiteBoyWednesday #TeamBlackGirls

— Richie The C. (@JukeNuke_em) October 23, 2013


Actually… probably yes.

I always check out the white guys that hash tag #TeamBlackGirls on #WhiteBoyWednesday to see if they are attractive .

— LEGNA (@teamANGEL_) October 23, 2013

Should you troll black men on #WhiteBoyWednesday?

It's Wednesday so it's only right!! #WBW #WhiteBoyWednesday #InterracialLove #SwirlLovin

— Swirl Love (@SwirLove) October 23, 2013



The Black Hair Care Product That Stopped A White Classroom Cold

"Just last week, my daughter-who is 8 and happens to be the only brown person in her Accelerated Progress Program class at Thurgood Marshall Elementary-was ordered out of the classroom because her teacher did not like the smell of her hair." -Oh Lord. A little Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion has become a really huge mess.