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Your Selfie Realization

Perhaps you are on your way to the gym, listening to some hip-pop anthem to get the blood going. You think: yeah, that sounds good. "We are gonna run this town tonight." "I do want that cake cake cake cake."

There is a slight slippage of ego as you meld with the persona in the song—staring into the mirror to find you are mouthing out a rogue, “Westside!,” or whispering with a little too much conviction: "I am a god." A glittery EDM beat comes in, lifting you up, rollercoaster style, to the bridge of the track, where, adrenaline spiking, you become your true self—which is to say, [...]


The Thrillist Junket: In Their Own Words and Pictures

This weekend, Thrillist sponsored a junket of media influencers on a trip to Miami, where they stayed at the Fontainebleau. While junketeers were responsible for their own airfare, the hotel and liquor and sponsored dinners were on the house. This is a collected oral history, in chronological order, of their stories from arrival to departure.

"I landed and immediately met a bunch of great people who were ready to get it popping. We get to the hotel and instantly the Thrillist special check-in had gift bags with so much swag that as it was handed to me I think I felt my bicep rip." -Richard Boehmcke.


I'm With Awesome: Fire-Walking With Tony Robbins

Over the weekend, The Daily News reported that at least 21 people had their Tony Robbins' "Unleash The Power Within" (UPW) event cut short when they burned their feet while attempting to walk on fire. It sounds ridiculous. But every year Tony Robbins inspires tens of thousands of people to do this exact same thing. Including, at one time, myself. Earlier this year I attended a Robbins' UPW event in The New Jersey Meadowlands Expo Hall and Arena to find out how he does it. This is what I saw.


The Top 25 Things Strangers Have Said or Typed Upon Connecting with Me on ChatRoulette This Weekend

25. "Ohhh, he's cute!"

24. "lol"

23. "WHAT?!"


21. "sing me a song"


"In an elevator with Kathryn Bigelow and Richard Gere riding up to Mick Jagger’s flat"

The real question is: What can you take out of streetwear? Girls are all wearing miniskirts and leggings and leather jackets. We’ve already seen all of this. Streetwear never taught me anything. Consider this: Yves Saint Laurent was one of the first designers to revisit vintage. If you read his biography, you’ll see it. He used to go to London to the first secondhand markets and find clothes from the 30s. That’s how he invented the tuxedo. He bought a man’s smoking jacket and put it on one of his muses. That’s how most of his innovations began. Today you can do that type of research, but it’s [...]


Housekeeping: Manic Monday

Things are going to be a little hectic/slow today, because Alex Balk is out sick-it's our first sick day at The Awl, ever, by the way! In the New Economy, when you are sick, there are no temps. Also no doctors. And I was up till 4 a.m. freelancing to pay for my Awl habit, so I may go face-down on the desk by mid-afternoon. Still, we will have fun together. All this to say: if you see something (funny on the Internet), say something!