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Family Purged

Hmm: This is an incredibly exciting time for all of us in media. The Washington Post is a crown jewel, exemplifying the finest in editorial quality and journalistic values. I am honored to follow four generations of Graham family leadership and thrilled with the opportunity to work with Jeff and the incredibly talented team at The Post.

Katharine Weymouth, the publisher of the Washington Post and Graham bloodline human, has "stepped down" from her role to make way for Fred Ryan, the founding President and CEO of Politico and former Reagan chief of staff. A year ago, after Jeff Bezos purchased the paper, Weymouth told readers: "Mr. Bezos [...]


The Latest Sad Fate of an Aggregation Serf

What’s new, you might ask, in another tale of careless youth broken on the galley of journalism? Well, someone in power finally stood up—sort of—for the little guy.  In a column on the resignation of 20-something Elizabeth Flock after charges of “a significant ethical lapse” and “serious factual errors,” the Washington Post’s Ombudsman Patrick Pexton said, you know what? The newspaper was just as culpable as the reporter: “The Post” he wrote, “failed her as much as she failed The Post.”

As stirring as it is to find a hint of post-hoc compassion in a professional culture where any mistake appears increasingly to be fatal, the question is: [...]


Understanding How Obama Is Not Robbing The Rich For His Scary Social Agenda

Be vigilant, America-your entrepreneurs are on the hook for bigger tax payments! That was the plain moral of an addled page one dispatch from this morning's Washington Post. The bulk of the piece, by Lori Montgomery and V. Dion Hayes, plies the heart-wrenching tale of one Gail Johnson, who operates a multistate chain of preschools out of Richmond, Virginia, and as the possessor of $500,000-plus annual income, faces the prospect of a 19 percent increase in her tax liability, from $120,000 to $143,000.

Never mind that Johnson's resourceful accountant, who has supplied these estimates, has her down for $90,000 in annual deductions-or indeed, that he avers that [...]


The End Of The Wunderkind

The word wunderkind was dragged, politely, into usage by that great plodder George Bernard Shaw to note that every age manages to season its offspring with instantaneous genius; Mozart is not a singularity. And for decades after, "wonder child" happily stayed within the safe semantic confines of age and the arts. Which was nice for the rest of us. You couldn’t be a wunderkind, without being a kind; you were not to be wundered at if you couldn’t perform some great musical, or perhaps painterly, feat. Then, in 1972, the New Yorker—channeling the emergence of youth culture the decade before—pushed the watershed and gave the kids some breathing space to [...]


Local Newspaper Struggles With Its 'Real Housewives' Crack Habit

Once you know that the reality TV "star" "phenomenon" is merely a set of nonsense network-packaged narratives, stories and characters deployed to capitalize on the news outlets that need "information" to sell their own products, particularly when those news outlets don't care that the information they present is actually the product being sold itself, and that the whole thing is a business ploy wherein publicity is made through various entities using other entities in a cash-funded reputation market, well then there's no point in treating reality TV as a cultural product. Sorry, Hank Stuever! You're right about reality TV, but you're just feeding the beast. Particularly since your [...]


LOL, What, I Don't Even, What, "The Post," Jeff Bezos, The Hell, Oh My God

The Post Co. will change to a new, still-undecided name and continue as a publicly traded company

— Michael Roston (@michaelroston) August 5, 2013

I'm listening to the conference call. WaPo staffers asked not to tweet for 10 minutes.

— Romenesko (@romenesko) August 5, 2013

wait sorry is this a joke?

— Rachel Fershleiser (@RachelFersh) August 5, 2013

People who purchased the Washington Post also liked these products

— Jason Linkins (@dceiver) August 5, 2013

They can't make a non-shitty Kindle Fire but they can buy the Washington Post????

— Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) August 5, 2013


Stolen Goods

Tom Scocca: You are familiar with the "Free for All" page of the Saturday Washington Post? Choire Sicha: Ha, vaguely. Tom Scocca: In which serious complaints about the paper are mixed willy-nilly with letters from cranks, in a great condescending gesture of false responsiveness?