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The War on Drugs, "Under The Pressure"

The second single from Lost in the Dream, and a rare example of a song that's cheery despite its constituent parts signaling, in unison, overwhelming depressiveness.


The War On Drugs, "Red Eyes"

As I have no musical training I lack the formal vocabulary with which to adequately discuss the kind of beat that carries songs like this along, but I can very definitely say that it is a sound I rather enjoy, signifying as it does both propulsion and possibility. It is difficult to know with music—with anything, really, but music in particular—if these feelings are subjective or universal, so give this one a listen and see if you don't nod along. [Via]


Gun Battle Rages As Jamaican Government Attempts To Arrest Aptronymic Druglord

Wow. Here is a story that seems likely to be made into many raps songs and eventually a feature film. The Jamaican government is trying to arrest a notorious Kingston gang leader for extradition to New York. But he's not going quietly. As the Times reports: "Security forces broke through barbed-wire barricades and fought their way into the warren-like Tivoli Gardens neighborhood Monday afternoon. Sporadic gunfire could be heard into the night echoing across the darkened slums, where authorities cut off power. Military helicopters flying with their lights off buzzed overhead. Masked gunmen swarmed around West Kingston trying to prevent the extradition of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, who has been [...]