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56 Ludlow Between Hester And Grand, The Apartment Where The Velvet Underground Started

"Our apartment was a railroad flat—a long room running from the windows in the front to a small bedroom and a bathroom in the back. I slept on a mattress, under the windowsill in the front overlooking Ludlow. We burned crates and furniture in the fireplace to keep warm. There was no heat in the winter other than the gas stove. Tony and I lived on what we could afford—mostly canned stew and milkshakes. Across the street in the morning, you could hear kids from the nearby high school singing doo-wop in the doorway there. Other kids threw rocks at us because they thought we looked like the Beatles. [...]


The Velvet Underground, In Order

37) The Murder Mystery 36) I Heard Her Call My Name 35) The Black Angel’s Death Song 34) Lonesome Cowboy Bill 33) Train Round the Bend 32) Head Held High 31) European Son 30) Run Run Run 29) Lady Godiva’s Operation 28) That’s the Story of My Life 27) Cool It Down


The Kills, "Pale Blue Eyes"

What's your favorite cover of The Velvet Underground's "Pale Blue Eyes"? Mine is probably the Marisa Monte version, followed closely by the sloppy R.E.M. rendition. Anyway, here's The Kills. [Via]


10 Songs About Drugs In Ascending Order Of Their Dangerousness To People Who Use Them And Society As A Whole


Lou Reed Definitely Has A Lot Of Football In Him

"Lou Reed seems like there’s some football hidden in him. His name, Lou Reed, sounds like the name of a football coach—you can imagine a trophy or a plaque named after him. And as he’s aged, the weather-beaten sports coach inside has slowly revealed itself. His face reflects a combination of Vince Lombardi’s knowing gaze and Larry Brown’s mirthless grimace." —Over at the Classical, Devin Mcintyre writes a nice post about how the songs on the Velvet Underground's first album predicted the coming of this year's Jesus-loving sports phenom Tim Tebow—way back in 1967. It's the type of argument I am always ready to be convinced of. But [...]