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Is The "Simpsons Land" Theme Park Real?

Homer Simpson descends gracelessly from the sky like an oblong, plastic mold of a mascot, his cowardly scream echoing in the dumpster towards which he plummets. “Ew, this is the worst place yet,” he says, crawling out. He begins to walk along a city block, one of our city blocks, a real not-cartoon city block, in what looks to be urban sprawl LA, cowardly mumbling to himself. The humans stare at him: he closely resembles a golden, obese claymation figure with a particularly misshapen head, three times too large and not unlike the bottom of a bowling pin. If he were to abide by the laws of physics, he would [...]


There's A Party In My Mouth And Everyone's Invited

Fun look back at a classic 'Simpsons' episode.


'Simpsons' Porn Ruins 'Simpons,' Porn

Here is a preview for the 'Simpsons' porno flick that absolutely nobody was clamoring for. May God have mercy on our souls.


"The Simpsons" Does The 2010 Equivalent Of The Bartman

No, I don't know what the impetus for replacing The Simpsons' theme song with the perpetually disheveled pop star Ke$ha's ode to Autotune and staying out all night "Tik Tok" this week was, either. (Perhaps it was a consolation prize for her losing out on the live-action Smurfs movie's Smurfette role to Katy Perry?) But points for having smooth-voiced criminal Snake Jailbird lip-sync one of the yodel-y bits of the chorus, which just seems so right. [Via]


Arguments In Favor Of The Ivy League

"A kind of middlebrow 'Simpsons' written by public university grads rather than the Harvard elite, 'The Family Guy' prides itself on pushing the envelope of good taste whenever possible."


23 Years Of Simpsons

On this day in 1989, "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire" became the first episode of that series to be broadcast. Which one are you: Someone who remembers watching the episode when it aired, or someone who doesn't remember a world where "The Simpsons" wasn't on TV?


If 'The Simpsons' Ends Will You Care?

The last great season of "The Simpsons" was the seventh, which ended back in 1996. There is no disputing this. It is not even the fault of the makers of "The Simpsons"; seven years is probably about as long as anything can go before it starts to feel stale and repetitive, a problem the show itself acknowledged with the "Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie" episode of the mediocre eighth season. (This problem can occasionally be avoided; a good example is "Cheers," which essentially got a fresh start in its sixth season, and bought itself a few more years of creativity.) So the news that the show may finally be [...]


The Mexican Government Is Set To Burn 105 Tons Of Perfectly Good Pot

Here is what 46 tons of pot being burned by the Mexican government looks like. This was in May, and they hired a marching band and everything. They'll be burning even more soon, as military police just completed the biggest pot bust in the country's history: 105 tons of the stuff, wrapped in 10,000 packages, in Tijuana. As the BBC reports: "The drugs, found in houses and vehicles, were wrapped in differently coloured packages that had markings and pictures on them, including the cartoon character Homer Simpson." Who has been declared a "true Catholic," according to L'Osservatore Romano.


Simpsons Censorship CONTROVERSY!!!

"Thanks for 20 wonderful years. Now stay tuned for three Seth MacFarlane shows."


Fictional Drugs In Order Of How Useful They Would Be To Me Right Now

14. Sex Packets 13. Glint 12. DMZ 11. Vitameatavegamin 10. Comanapracil 9. Gleemonex


20 People to Follow on Twitter: @MrTimLong

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Qaddafi seized control of Libya when he was 27! When I was 27, all I was seizing control of was myself.Thu Feb 24 15:46:19 via webTim Longmrtimlong

Sometimes I unfollow him because he's Canadian. But then I remember that he was a factchecker at Spy (a factchecker at Spy!) and has written some very good episodes of "The Simpsons." Also he hates Jay Leno, so. .bbpBox{background:url( #C0DEED;padding:20px;}

Currently on inflight entertainment: Leno doing headlines. No one watching except a baby, who screams with a pain [...]


"The Simpsons" That Never Was

It's the unwritten history of "The Simpsons"!


The Awl Bookmobile: John Ortved's "The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History"

John Ortved's "The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History" is out and available for purchase by you! (It is currently only #285 in books on Amazon; you can help!) Would you like to try a small sample? In this excerpt, we learn about how love money hurt the show's co-developers Matt Groening, Sam Simon and James L. Brooks.