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Cover Stories

The other day, the New York Times observed that there has been "a shift in The New Yorker’s cover art toward the topical and provocative." One can see that change, literally, where, "at The New Yorker’s Midtown offices, a wall of covers arranged in chronological order shows a distinct change in tone," with a turning point being somewhere "around Sept. 11, 2001," when it ran a stark, all-black cover.

This is largely in tune with a shift in the tone of the magazine itself, which has grown only more responsive to current events in recent years (in contrast to its stance under every editor that preceded Tina Brown [...]


Who Will Save the Airbnb Faithful?

In October, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a subpoena to Airbnb, ordering it to turn data about its 15,000 registered hosts in New York over to the state. While neither Airbnb nor its hosts pay the 15 percent lodging tax that most New York City hotels are subject to—no small part of the reason why startups like Airbnb have been able to "disrupt" the established hospitality industry—the attorney general's primary concern was not the stream of potential tax revenue trickling past the state's coffers. (Airbnb kindly offered to induce its users to pay the tax, which would amount to some $21 million.)

Rather, [...]