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The Writer Who Beat The System: How One Woman Resurrected Her Sexy Vampire Brothers

J.K. Rowling recently told Wonderland magazine that Hermione and Harry would have made a better couple than Ron and Hermione. It shouldn’t have mattered. Apart from the fact that we’re talking about the romantic lives of make-believe wizards, not only would Roland Barthes yawn at the author’s opinion about her own work, but the fans had already paired off Harry and Hermione themselves—nine years ago.

But the opinions of authors can’t help but feel more canonical than the things we internet denizens dream up ourselves—particularly when you take into account the connotations that the term "fan fiction" carries for most people.

L.J. Smith’s newest book, [...]


'The Secret Circle': Teen Witches In ZOMG Love

Just once, gentlest of readers, I would like to crack open a YA novel and see our heroine getting ready for a party. I would like to see her getting HERSELF ready for a party, and then I would like her to look in the mirror and say "damn, I look fiiiiine, as per usual."

But no. Always, it's "the girl in the mirror looked back at her." The girl in the mirror being herself, just the surprisingly beautiful version of herself that her friends and/or Alice Cullen have helped pull together with flat-irons and body-conscious dresses and liquid eyeliner—or, as it happens in our selection here, The Secret Circle, [...]


"The Secret Circle": Can You Circle Up if You're Over 27?

Um, did any of you see that "The Secret Circle" TV show last night on the "CW Network"? It was basically "90210" meets "The Craft." (With a little bit of Mean Girls?) It was also vapid, rushed and definitely not "The Killing." Also kind of amazing! But is it okay to watch if you are like "that's weird, the hot guy from 'Queer as Folk' is playing the dad… and, oh, Jesus, the target audience is half his age, right, HE'S THE OLD MAN SECONDARY CHARACTER"? Probably not. ANYWAY, this is what there is to watch now if you don't like vampires and autopsies on the TV.