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Queen Steps Into Frame Of Photograph Unbeknownst To Subjects Of Said Photograph, Smiles To Indicate Knowledge That Her Action Constitutes A Familiar Manner Of Modern Mischief

Empire, 2014:

Two Australian Commonwealth Games hockey players were left stunned when the most famous royal in the world appeared smiling in the background of their picture.

That led to a series of other postings on social networks with England's European and Commonwealth 110m hurdles champion Andy Turner, 33, and another Australia hockey player, Anna Flanagan, 22, uploading similar images.


Being James Bond Also Makes You Get Really Old, Very Quickly!

America's favorite British spy/murderer is back in the new blockbuster Skyfall, and once again we are all wondering what it is about playing James Bond that makes actors get very old almost immediately. Is it some kind of English curse? Just look at Daniel Craig. Yes, a very handsome man with very blue eyes and very pronounced biceps in a state of "perpetual plyometric engagement," but the dude is only 44 years old! He's six years younger than Tom Cruise, who still looks about 25. Anyway, this so-called English Curse That Makes Bond Actors Super Old is a real thing, which can be documented with photographs, so that is [...]


Prison Island Woman Doesn't Know Her Place

"Australia's socialist PM under fire for failing to curtsey to the Queen (or bothering to wear a hat)"


Rich Lady Maybe Not So Rich

Will the lady who owns Knifecrime Island soon be put out on the streets? She's "down to her last million," according to one of the always restrained journals which deliver the news to that festering mass of pustular blade-wielders, and may have to rent out part of her house—which at least seems to be in keeping with the spirit of the age.


Panties Regal

"A pair of silk knickers allegedly owned by the Queen have been put up for sale." Also: "It is alleged the bloomer-style knickers, which have not been confirmed as authentic by any official sources, were left on a private aeroplane during the Queen’s visit to Chile in 1968."


All The Queen's Horses Are High On Drugs

And you thought you had problems: "THE Queen suffered yet another blow last night after it was revealed one of her racehorses had failed a dope test." Will that poor woman ever catch a break?


"Queen 'upset by Buckingham Palace police officers who ate nuts laid out for Charles and Camilla's wedding guests', hacking trial told" Is Just A Wonderful Headline

"The Queen was 'upset' about police officers eating nuts left out for guests before the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, the trial into alleged phone hacking at the News of the World has heard. She was 'irritated' by officers eating the snacks, according to an email sent by Clive Goodman, former royal editor at the now-defunct Sunday tabloid newspaper. A memo was sent to palace officers, telling them to 'keep their sticky fingers out', the Old Bailey heard."


Stain Queeny

Here you will find a stain on a glass that resembles the Queen of England.