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The Song That Made The Pill OK

Loretta Lynn wrote and recorded “The Pill” in 1972. Her label didn’t release it until 1975, but three years wasn’t long enough to cool the controversy stoked by Lynn, one of the biggest names in country music, singing the praises of oral contraception to an audience of “unliberated, work-worn American females.” The Associated Press’s lede about the song in February of that year read, “To some, Loretta Lynn’s new song ‘The Pill’ might be too bitter to swallow. But to the country music star it has the sweet taste of success,” selling some 25,000 copies a day. The New York Times even gave it a [...]


The Pill Will Make You Think That Nice Guys Are Actually Attractive

Ladies on the pill, be careful: chemicals may be tricking you into choosing Mr. Right rather than Mr. Right At Doing Sex To You The Way You Need It. "WOMEN on the Pill risk choosing bad sexual partners because they want men who are reliable, a study found. The contraceptive reduced the natural ability to sense who will be good in bed — but helped them spot a good provider…. The effect is so strong that the expert behind the study advised women to come off the Pill while selecting husbands — to make sure they find someone attractive to them."

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