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Report: Everything Merges And Blends Until What Is Left Is A Nebulous Impermanence That Ends Only With Death

"Suddenly we find ourselves living in an online realm where the old is just as easy to consume as the new. We’re approaching an odd sort of asymptote, as our past gets closer and closer to the present and the line separating our now from our then dissolves."


A Public Service Announcement, with Kaila Hale-Stern: Geocities Is Closing Today. Have You Rescued Your Misspent Youth Yet?

Tonight, Yahoo! will shut down Geocities, the free webhosting service that was a mainstay in many of our early internet adventures. It's sad-particularly for Yahoo!, since they paid $3.9 billion in stock for it ten years ago-but the good news is that there's still time to save your old fanfiction from dotcom obscurity.