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The Internet Terror Phone

Walk down Broadway, past Canal, past banks and furniture stores, Mr. Fashion and sneaker shops and condos, old then new, brick then steel, until the buildings grow taller and begin to take up entire blocks. Turn right at the unopened Pret, across from the McDonald’s, down Thomas Street, a one-way single-lane. Look up. You can’t miss it: A monolith, brutalist, granite armored, its skeleton colossal slats of moulded concrete. It is said to feature the largest blank facade in the world. The building’s six turrets contain air ducts, a whole mess of ventilation for whatever is inside. Whatever is inside—that’s the question.

There are no windows, there are barely [...]


It's 2010 and the Narcissist Warblogger Hysteria Still Rages

It's amusing watching people flip out about the New York Times article on the weblog Little Green Footballs and its proprietor, Charles Johnson. (For those who have lives, LGF was pretty insanely right-wing, or at least, crazy, and now is sort of moderate, I guess.) "Chuckie is getting mainstream coverage when his influence and his traffic are guttersnipe low," writes birth-certificate-questioning Pamela Geller at her blog, Atlas Shrugs. Oh really.