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Hell Discovered, Filmed

It is said that the Divine Comedy contains passages within passages—lines between lines—only visible to the dead and the young. Could it be true? [via Gothamist]


Here Are Some Things That You Could Put On the TV What With All the Extra Time That the TV Has Now, with Seth Colter Walls

So there's that thing with the TV people and TV timeslots you've no doubt heard about, and how pretty soon there's gonna be more time on TV for one TV network to fill, because that one guy who was on TV at one time, for awhile, didn't want to be on TV at another time? So now people are saying that the one guy probably won't be on TV anymore, or at least not on this same TV place, and the other guy who used to have his TV time, before, will just go back to it now, leaving his other TV time available for something. Oh, it's all quite [...]