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Museum Innovates

Attendance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art reached a record high of 5.68 million people in its fiscal year 2011; it rose again, significantly, to 6.28 million in 2012. It fell, slightly, in 2013, to 6.2 million. Attendance numbers for fiscal year 2014 should be available in two weeks or so.

But, while attendance may be flat (or not! we'll see), have you checked out how many followers the Met has on Instagram?


Was the Met's McQueen Show Just Camp with Cruddy Techno?

We cannot call McQueen an artist and simultaneously show his art in such a silly way. His talents were in tailoring, draping, volume, etc—and "Savage Beauty" obfuscates those talents by placing his beautiful clothes in a relentlessly cheesy, cartoonish sideshow, part mausoleum, part Hot Topic. The "Savage Beauty" exhibit with all its smoke and burnished mirrors, its gothic display cubbies, its spinning mannequins, supposedly menacing heartbeat sounds and–worst of all–pumping techno music do nothing but distract from why we are celebrating McQueen in the first place. Essentially, "Savage Beauty" is not about McQueen’s designs but an act of pinning to him this romantic narrative, a Kurt Cobain story [...]


'Lulu' at The Met: A Young Woman's First Opera

A young woman's first time is special. It should be with an opera that cares, that wants to understand—well, no, really her first time should be with a sensually profligate, super-modern piece of crazy. And so, Mary HK Choi attended composer Alban Berg's 1937 opera, "Lulu" at the Met on Saturday. In it, she witnessed the tale of a woman whose unparalleled ability to manipulate members of the so-called "stronger" sex leads, ultimately, to a grim finale, with lots of lurid 12-tone music throughout.


Secret Leaser! Mayor Smaug Cackles In Sky Above Met Museum As Tourists Shriek!

With 67 days left in office, Mayor Smaug is working his way down his hit list. He's like Bill Clinton granting pardons but the opposite!

The latest victims: maybe… you? Yesterday the city issued an amendment to the Metropolitan Museum's "lease" that allows it to charge a full admission, instead of a suggested donation. (The city did this with the Natural History museum as well.) We put "lease" in scarequotes because the actual document dates from 1878; no lease should be that long. In any event, since the 1890s, agreements required the museum to be open "free of charge" five days and two nights a week, meaning the museum [...]


The Realness: Arcade Fire, Nixon in China, Odd Future, Clapping Music, Tahrir Square

Since I had no economic imperative to do so and am talented at time-management, I decided against committing to the 3+ hour telecast of last night's Grammy Awards—going instead with breaking news absorption through Twitter, along with watching a few relevant performances (Janelle Monae and Arcade Fire) via our janky, insta-uploaded-to-YouTube commons.

But that doesn't mean I didn't walk through the New York City subway system these last few weeks. "MUSICisLIFEisMUSIC," went the Recording Academy's halfway inspiring but also inescapably vapid manner of posterboard tautology. That toothache you can't get looked at without dental insurance? Oh, well, that's life—which is to say, music! So be sure to enter your [...]


The Coolest Thing From the Edo Period You'll Ever See

Remember how we so kindly informed you that you must go see the 'Art of the Samurai' exhibition at the Met, because it is the best show on earth, and because we are so helpful? Now I have proof!


Cloud City Art Installation Less Lando Calrissian, More Jimi Hendrix

"As pieces began to be set in place, Mr. Saraceno sneaked a visitor inside and up a twisty staircase about 20 feet above the roof garden. Some of the floors were transparent, and the walls were mirrored steel, acrylic or open to the air. Suddenly buildings, people and trees were upside down or sideways, sometimes almost spinning around from the perspective inside this giant futuristic construction." —While I am slightly disappointed that it is not a Star Wars themed exhibit, I want to go see Tomás Saraceno’s "Cloud City" installation that's being built on the roof of The Met right now. Relatedly (sort of), I had never until [...]


B.O. at the Met: Apparently a Crisis!

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body odor anxiety at the met…last night was the 2nd time in 3 weeks that a character checked his/her pits before a love interest enteredFri Nov 05 18:39:07 via webZachary Woolfezwoolfe

This was the oddest thing I'd seen all day so I thought I would make you know it too.