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Matrix Matrixy

"And the damn thing still holds up…. It’s a mystery in which the object of pursuit is not a priceless antique or the solution to a murder but the human condition. It skips genres with the kind of ease with which its characters leap across buildings. Its heroes turn the hard noir angles of this world into liquid ripples of possibility. Chiaroscuro lighting gives way to blank white fields, cold green clutter and chaos to warm, clear-eyed symmetry. The movie hacks itself."


Alone Again Or Something

The other morning I was walking my kid to school and we crossed Court Street in Brooklyn in front of a car that had an interestingly shaped air-freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. It was hanging at a slight angle behind the windshield, and so I looked at it for a good few seconds, in effort to confirm that it was what I thought it was. Sure enough: it was a cardboard air-freshener in the shape of fist with a raised middle finger. Like the giant foam hands they sell at sports games or Key West or wherever.

The guy driving the car had a Yankee cap pulled low [...]


The Cli-Matrix is… just like The Matrix!

Here's an ad that appeared in today's Financial Times. The copy, in part: "The gulf between North and South in Copenhagen can still be bridged – if three key leaders, Obama, Hatoyama, and Merkel, face their responsibilities and wield their true powers. With their leadership, the richest nations can muster the $200 billion a year by 2020 needed to free developing countries, and the world, from enslavement to fossil-fuel-powered machines." SEE? There's nothing you can't do with it.


Hollywood, Stop Botching Your Third Movies

Ewoks. Tina Turner. Religious space prisoners. Sofia Coppola. Here is where we sit for a moment and gravely reflect on all the horrific things that can go wrong when an otherwise amazing trilogy hits its third installment.

I'm not the first to notice that Hollywood has trouble with third acts—although I refuse to believe Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome clocks in at 81% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer. Return of the Jedi brings up the rear of the Star Wars trilogy with a startling 79% (A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back easily top 90%, I think we can all agree that it's Empire or GTFO). The Godfather [...]


"Look, Internet — I've Set Myself On Fire": On Liz Phair's "Funstyle"

Over the weekend, Liz Phair had a surprise: 11 new tracks, collected under the title Funstyle, available for purchase at her official site. This release was surprising for reasons that went far beyond its semi-stealth timing! Seth Colter Walls and I decided to figure out "the deal."

Maura: OK, I am ready!

Seth: Well if you "are ready" to talk about this then you are ahead of 99% of the people who have listened to this record from Liz Phair, called Funstyle.

Maura: Hahahaha.

Seth: Maura — why did this happen?

Maura: I think I might be one of the few people who doesn't see Funstyle as a total [...]


Lego 'Matrix' Brings Us Closer To Day's End

Because it's that kind of day, and because why not, and because, actually, it's kind of awesome, here is the "Dodge this" scene from The Matrix recreated in the medium of Lego. Did you know The Matrix is actually ten years old now? I bet if you turned on your TV right now you'd be able to find it playing somewhere. Anyway, enjoy. We're getting there! [Via]


Start Getting Used To The Idea Of Being Encased In Silkworm Cocoons

"Vollrath says there are potential applications for the cocoons themselves, particularly in the developing world and potentially in car panels that are very tough and totally sustainable. The researchers are working on carbon footprint calculations but Vollrath notes that the production process is probably carbon neutral, involving a mulberry bush and worms that, unlike cattle, don't emit any methane. Further research is needed. Porter said the next stage will be to find a way to replicate the structures found in the cocoons or use them as a base material impregnated with gels as a way of developing a scalable production process." —In the future, cars will be made out [...]


Science To Turn Human Beings Into Batteries For Machines

Great. People have figured out how to convert basic human organ function into electric energy. "The act of breathing-of moving the ribs to draw air into the lungs and expel it-can generate about a watt of power," according to an article by Henry Fountain in today's NYT Science Times. "And if the potato actually gets up off the couch and walks briskly across the room, each heel strike can produce even more power, about 70 watts' worth. That energy could be put to work, charging a cellphone, say, or a medical sensor in the body. The problem is how to harvest it."


Cosmonaut Even Cooler Than That Diaper-Wearing NASA Chick

Wow. Everyone drop everything and recognize game because this dude is a Russian astronaut blogging from SPACE. I mean, honestly, what's the point of even trying to go there? Dude has escaped velocity and WEARS MORPHEUS GLASSES. He punks all of us but makes a goddamn tourist of NASA's Mike Massimino's Twitter account with its dullsville numbers and très terrestrial dispatches. I mean, unless your narrow behind is getting atrophied because there is no gravity where you're standing you're just some dude in Texas. You're only as good as your last space tweet, bruh. Sorry. Plus, this other guy's funny in that way foreign humor is broad [...]