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Italian Croissant Scam A Sad Testament To That Country's Decline

"A man from Battipaglia, near the southern Italian city of Salerno, was arrested after telling a barman he was a mafia chief in order to get free drinks and croissants…. He even backed up the story by leaving a bottle of petrol outside the bar in Battipaglia in response to a request to pay."


New Orleans Rap Moguls Now Also Oil and Gas Moguls

God, the news is bad. Bin Laden is calling for "drastic solutions." (More drastic?!) The Italian mafia has been sinking cargo ships full of radioactive waste in the Mediterranean. Paul Krugman should basically start ending his pieces on the administration's economic policy with "but I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance." But know hope: I think we may have found the answers to all these problems, and more: New Orleans rap kingpins Ronald and Bryan "Baby" Williams Williams, cofounders of Cash Money Records, have started an "environmentally friendly" energy company, Bronald Oil & Gas.