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Why Does Bill de Blasio Hate Irish People?

In our city's nonstop cavalcade of hurt feelings and grievances and "what about me"s, it is sometimes hard to keep track of which constituency feels slighted by the mayor now. Today's victim class: The Irish!


The Legacy Of The Irish: Two Views

"The Irish fanned out across Europe, salvaging books wherever they could, making copies, reassembling libraries and teaching the newly settled barbarians of the continent to read and write. But they did more than this: they managed to infuse the emerging medieval world with a playfulness previously unknown. In the margins of the books they copied, the Irish scribes drew little pictures, thickets of plants, flowers, birds and animals. Human faces occasionally peek through the tangle, faces of childlike delight and awe. If you were a scribe copying out some especially ponderous philosophical Greek, the margin in which you could reflect on your own world served as a source of [...]


Gay Irish Drive Traffic

Gratuitous photogallery of the day: In honor of actress Kelly McGillis's revelation that she digs chicks, website Irish Central has put together a collection of "celebrities [who] have Irish roots, and are openly – or strongly suggested to be – LGBT." I don't want to spoil too much of it for you, but one of them's Oscar Wilde. I know, right?


Polar Bears Irish

Finally, an explanation for why polar bears are so pale.


Public Apology: Dear Everlast From House Of Pain

Dear Everlast from House of Pain,

I'm sorry for calling you a "Leprechaun of Rage."


Brain-damaged Man Thinks He's Irish

The Irish have a saying: "Get the feck out of me pub, ya cheap dago bastard! Yer barred!" Oops, actually that was just one Irishman who owns a bar I used to frequent until he took exception to my tipping policy. Long story. But while we're on the subject of Irish people, let's take a look at the tale of Chris Gregory, who temporarily thought he was one.


Jewish Leprechaun Offends Race Of Alcoholics

Both of the tabloids try to get a little action out of Mayor Bloomberg's unfortunate attempt at humor concerning the Irish tendency toward dipsomania. The News goes with "Bloomy's Blarney," while the Post has it as "Irish Stew." (Presumably "Mike's Micks-Up" was deemed too offensive.) But what was the actual joke in question?


Cambridge Cop Related To Angry Black Man Henry Louis Gates

Holy genealogy! It turns out that Skip Gates and the Cambridge cop who nabbed him for being dusky in his own domicile are related! Gates and Sgt. James Crowley are both descendants of fourth century Irish warlord Niall of the Nine Hostages, who was so named because he would niall anything that moved. (Haha, get it?) The article notes that "many famous African-Americans [have] Irish heritage, including President Barack Obama and award-winning author Alice Walker." Also, many unfamous African-Americans have Irish heritage, because back in the slavery era there was a whole lot of raping going on. Anyway, this will surely be a great ice-breaker at the [...]