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Instagrams from Auschwitz

One of the exhibits at the Memorial and Museum at Auschwitz Birkenau in Oswiecim, Poland, is a room of human hair. The room has an odd purplish tint to it, cast by the climate- and light-control systems that slow the hair's decay. A display case holds two tons of human hair from an estimated forty thousand people. “Please do not photograph the room of hair,” Pawel Sawicki, a press officer of the museum and my group’s guide, told us. “We don’t know exactly when it will all turn to dust."

Photographing the hair might hasten its disintegration. But also, the museum balks at letting patrons take pictures of human [...]


Well, At Least One Lucky Thing Happened Between 1945 and 1949

"The family of a Long Island Holocaust survivor can keep a $10 million ancient Assyrian gold tablet he received in exchange for a few packs of smokes on the streets of post-war Berlin, a judge has ruled." -Well at least something good came out of the Holocaust?


Rush Limbaugh Being Dropped By Business Partners In NFL Bid Roughly Equivalent To The Holocaust

I have nothing to add.


The Extra Woman

One in an irregular series of profiles of fabulous older women.

The first time I met Adele Daniller, she kept offering me food. This was several years ago, at her home in Tarzana, CA, in what Los Angeles people call "the Valley." I’d come to Daniller’s house with her daughter, Lydia Daniller, a photographer friend. After refusing a few rounds of snacks, I got up to go to the bathroom and ended up wandering through the Daniller’s living room. It was a hot afternoon, and the lights were off. The cool, dark room felt soothing. On every wall and in every nook was art: sculptures, framed [...]


Most Grave And Unprecedented Crime Against Humanity Throughout History

1. The Holocaust


Exciting Reed College Update–Parody Horrifies Community!

The story we mentioned yesterday, about Holocaust mockery at Reed College, is so much more fascinating than it has the right to be, according to this account in Inside Higher Ed. Sounds like some kids out west are going to be taking a very short march off a long institutional pier! So, what happened is that editors at tiny Reed humor paper Pamphlette wrote something that made fun of an article in Reed's main student paper. Problem is, it was about gassing Jews.


Why Does Donald Duck Hate Jews?

"It was an honest mistake with unfortunate consequences. In the most recent German translation of the Mickey Mouse comics, the word 'Holocaust' accidentally appears as a gratulatory word. The German publisher attributes the mishap to a printing error and immediately recalled the issue, blacking out the word by hand."


The Rapping Holocaust Survivor. Yes, The Rapping Holocaust Survivor.

Brace yourself. The endlessly, endlessly, endlessly, endlessly, endlessly fascinating phenomenon of people who you wouldn't expect to rap actually rapping is back for another go. This one's somehow even better and worse than previous iterations. Sigh. Here's Der Spiegel:

The sound is a familiar one: driving beats, austere rhymes, forceful vocals supported by female backup singers. Standard hip hop, it would seem. And yet, something doesn't seem quite right. The lyrics-some are Yiddish, others Hebrew, still others Italian. And then there's that voice. It's certainly too old to be coming from a hip hop artist, isn't it?


Small Campus Paper Causes Huge Offense

Hmm, sounds like one Seattle resident is very angry at the one-page satirical college newspaper Pamphlette, which is very slow to update online. Pamphlette is based out of Reed (that's the west coast school that's not as stoney and hilarious as Evergreen nor as outdoorsey and earnest as Whitman but instead is sort of anxious and competitive and goth) and contains articles such as "Establishing Consent," a guide to consensual sex (handy!), and a lot about how awful the Renn Fayre is. Yes. Here is the Flickr pool for the college paper. The real college paper. Somewhere in there are pictures of their Renn Fayre. Just sayin'! [...]