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Reviewing "The Hobbit" With An Unexpected Guest Blogger

Ken Layne: Mere days ago, Carrie, we were toiling side by side on the second floor of Mordor, very near to Macy's. But now I am back in the desert and you are back at the Shire, and we have each gone to see The Hobbit in our respective villages. Was it worth all the trouble, this nearly-three-hour movie about regular-sized humans pretending to be Halflings and Dwarfs?

Carrie Frye: Maybe do you just want to write the review on your own, a la Choire? I am sorry to abandon you—I was excited to go, but now am back and a little crazy with getting things battened down for the [...]


Bon Iver, "Towers"

In the new trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, we watch Bard the Bowman, heir of Girion and last king of Old Dale, bring his trusted Black Arrow through the wood and row out into Long Lake Esgaroth is preparation for his fateful meeting with the dragon Smaug. Then something happens.


Other Famous People Who Were (Or Planned To Be) In Other Hobbit Movies

Were there other famous people attached at one point or another to adaptations of the J.R.R. Tolkien stories? There were! In fact, several non-Peter Jackson hobbit movies have already been made. You may have even seen some of them, when you were a little child, or when you were smoking marijuana "hobbit weed" and looking at videos on the Internet this very afternoon!

If you have kids and/or once enjoyed the indoor sport of Dungeons & Dragons, then you will probably go see The Hobbit next weekend. But what if Magneto and that guy from The Office weren't in the movie, then what? Other people would [...]


Three Rotten Classic Books I Never Want to See Again

When I was in school, I was forced to read any number of books that I hated. By this method, schools do a pretty solid job of turning off many kids from reading for good. God forbid you should read anything "fun," or "readable," or "not boring and shitty." No, no: It's a steady diet of Johnny Tremain and opaque Toni Morrison novels for you. Your assignment tonight is to read 70 pages of Song of Solomon, or slit your wrists and never come back to school. LEARNING.

Everyone has a classic book, one that's adored by English teachers and hipsters the world over, that they can't stand. I don't [...]


Stephen Fry Defends Dorky British Pub From Greedy Hollywood Mogul

The always lovely Stephen Fry, who will play the Master of Laketown in Peter Jackson's upcoming movie version of The Hobbit, has spoken out against Hollywood producer Saul Zaentz, who owns the worldwide merchandising rights to the original book and is threatening legal action against a Southampton pub of the same name. (Jackson licensed the rights from Zaentz.) The Hobbit the pub has been open as such since 1989, offering live music, Caribbean barbecue (?) and drink specials like The Gandalf, The Bilbo and The Gollum at a 50 pence discount with the display of a "One Card To Bind Them All" loyalty card. "Sometimes [...]


Tolkien Obsessives Will Get Whole New Thing To Bitch About

Genius director Guillermo Del Toro, scheduled to helm the two Hobbit films that serve as prequel to Lord of the Rings, has withdrawn from the project, citing the "ongoing delays in the setting of a start date for filming." Producer Peter Jackson, who won an Oscar for his direction on the LOTR movies, has not ruled out taking over, pending availability: "If that's what I have to do to protect Warner Brothers' investment, then obviously that's one angle which I'll explore." One thing is for certain: Who ever winds up taking the job will face an angry online mob complaining about how he or she is doing [...]