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"The SoHo Of Midtown"

"The area, between Fifth and Eighth avenues from 34th to 42nd streets, has disputed borders not unlike Chinatown, with both neighborhoods surrounded by pricier, cooler neighborhoods (the Garment District being the current runt in size and glamour compared [...]


District Garmenty

"After a year-long search, Garment District landlords and business leaders have picked a name to highlight the neighborhood's ongoing transformation from clothing factories to hip office buildings and boutiques: the Garment District."


Stop Renaming Neighborhoods

"The real action, though, was on the side streets, populated by the myriad businesses needed to produce a garment, making everything from fabric to pins and needles. There machines and people worked day and night filling the orders left by buyers from across the country. I remember pushing my way through the hundreds of master cutters and patternmakers who crowded the sidewalk along 38th Street at lunchtime, dodging the hand trucks carrying stylish garments that later appeared on the backs of women from east coast to west. This is what the words 'garment district' meant. Every one recognized the garment district not just as a geographic designation, but also [...]