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What Are The French Being Pretentious About Now?

It is nice to know that there are at least a few things we beat the French to being insufferable snobs about.


Survey Shocker: Americans Actually Don't Hate the French!

Rosecrans Baldwin (author of Paris I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down) spent much of the year traveling America, quizzing people about France; he even visited four of the 25 places named "Paris" in the U.S. His highly scientific survey had intriguing results: My toughest question: “Name up to three current French artists (writers, painters, musicians, actors, etc.)” I figured that most people wouldn’t be able to name more than two. It’s worse than I expected. A barista in Detroit bristles when I ask him, as though I’m mocking his ignorance. A photographer’s assistant in Boise beats herself up for being unable to summon a single [...]


You Should Hate It When Your Friends Become Successful

"'Between Michel [Houellebecq] getting the Goncourt and Virginie Despentes winning le Renaudot,' [Frédéric] Beigbeder exclaims, 'a whole generation—our generation—has finally won!' There's a brief silence, and we must all think the same thing without saying it: If we’ve won and there's nothing to fight for, it’s probably downhill from here." Yes, après succès, now comes the… dénouement. Let's all buckle down for the entertaining dissolution of France's formerly striving and now-entrenched weirdo intellectual class!


Cheese-Eating Survival Monkeys

"Eating Roquefort cheese could help guard against cardiovascular disease despite its high fat and salt content, according to new research that suggests why the French enjoy good health."


'The Artist' And What Makes A Movie 'Foreign'

In early 2003, when evidence emerged that plans for war against Iraq were not merely afoot, but were looking more and more like a fait accompli, the French advised the luridly stupid and prevaricating administration of Bush II against an invasion. This sound suggestion was roundly condemned by nearly every Republican who could get in front of a microphone, culminating in possibly the dumbest episode of the run-up to the war: the announcement of Representatives Robert W. Ney and Walter B. Jones, Jr. that thenceforth the various House restaurants would be serving "freedom fries," rather than French fries. "This action today is a small but symbolic effort to show [...]


Mr. Critic Strikes Back Against Those Snobby French Foodies

"We'll get to your needs in a minute. Here's what would be great from my point of view, and which would make up entirely for the time I was in the Marais with my pregnant wife and this jumped-up little terrier in a Basque restaurant sneered at us for arriving without a reservation at his entirely empty restaurant at 6 p.m. He was plenty sophisticated-European. He responded to our request for a table for two with a curt, 'Non,' adding that all the tables-he even swept his arm back to indicate them-were reserved. So do me a favor and take your husband to Peter Luger in Brooklyn and see [...]


Ask Polly: Is He Crazy, Or Am I?

Appearing here Wednesdays, Turning The Screw provides existential crisis counseling for the faint of heart. "Chicken tenders for that empty place where your soul should go!"

Dear Polly,

First of all, you must excuse my English, I'm actually French. Plus, I don't have autocorrect for English on this thing so I'm kind of forced to go with the flow. Anyway!

I know you already kind of wrote about that stuff but I'm still wondering if you'll help motivating me: I'm completely—and I mean it, completely—stuck on a guy.

We met each other in high school, kind of fell in love, kind of nothing happened because we [...]


Jew App Riles Frogs

"Computer giant Apple could face legal action in France over an iPhone app which tells users whether thousands of celebrities are Jewish or not. The application’s designer, who is Jewish himself, says he invented it for entertainment not racial profiling."


The Scene: Grimaldi’s Under the Threat of Eviction

The line at Grimaldi's yesterday afternoon stretched halfway down the waterfront Dumbo block, as it does most days-the pizza place has developed a reputation, through TV spots and gushing travel book write-ups, for being "the best." But the pie-seeking clientele may not linger on that Brooklyn sidewalk for long: tomorrow, the landlord will walk into the state supreme court and ask for the eviction of the institution, possibly forcing Grimaldi's to move from its flagship locale.