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The-Dream, "Black"

Last night The-Dream tweeted out a link to this video? Which he put on YouTube, as his first video, on some random account? With just the text "Classism is the New Racism…"??? It's a crazily political song for him; also he's been kind of MIA off and on for the last year, though back in March he said "At work it's a very personal album that is coming to Fruition!" Also there's the whole wanted by the NYPD thing this week. (via)


Kanye West's Big Mouth Painted By George Condo

Man, when you're on a roll. To accompany his comeback single "Power," which has many people standing up at their computer terminals to shout out loud and type extra hard about how much they love it, Kanye West went and got the renowned New Hampshire-born artist George Condo to paint his portrait for the cover.


Cee-Lo, "F**k You"

Man, it really seems like everyone has had a pretty crappy summer, doesn't it? Everyone's just in a foul mood. The thing about Atlanta's Cee-Lo, though, is that even when he's in a foul mood, he can make music that sounds as joyous and terrific as this most recent single from his forthcoming Lady Killer album. Enjoy! And here are five other songs from this summer that similarly express very similar feelings: A full handful of musical middle-fingers!


Why Didn't The-Dream Get Nominated For Grammy? Oh, That's It.

Last week, R&B singer/songwriter The-Dream let the world know via Twitter how upset he was that his album Love Vs. Money was not nominated for a Grammy award. "Isn't it funny the best album of 2009 didn't get a nomination for the second year straight?" He wrote, which sounds funny. But we know what he means: He thought his last album, Love/Hate should have been nominated last year, and it was also not. "I know clearly my album belongs there, period," he wrote. "Maybe it's my label, maybe it's just my ass-kissing skills aren't up…" I would have guessed it could have maybe been the hyphen he uses in [...]