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The Black Keys' New Album: A Track-by-Track Review

Everyone, or at least every critic with a serious emotional investment in statements like this, agrees: The Black Keys are the last true rock band left. Though derided by some as Sports Blues and by others as The Band From The TV Commercial For The Taco Bell Late-Night Menu, With The One Girl Who's Like 'Now THAT'S spicy,' the Keys continue to fill arenas and pump out hits with a consistency no other outfit can match. All of which means that the arrival of a new Black Keys record is big news for everyone who cares about the future—and present—of rock and roll music. Here's a track-by-track look at [...]


Black Lips And Keys

I kind of aged out of "liking new things" a few years back and, as a consequence, stopped caring before I was able to make concrete distinctions between the Black Lips and the Black Keys, which means now I can never keep them straight in my head. So just to be on the safe side, here is something from each of them. If there are other bands with the Black Something in their names let me know and I will iterate this post. [Via]


Five Good, Or At Least Interesting, Music Videos That Came Out This Week

Entering into the well-known "nesting" stage of pregnancy, Beyonce doesn't seem to be doing much lately except staying around the house and making terrific, high-end music videos. Three weeks after "Countdown" had us all WHOOHOO-BEYONCE!!!-ing, here she is mowing the lawn behind her trailer home at midnight in a yellow fur coat and bikini bottoms. It's a shame the video is not the version of this song that features a typically phenomenally guest verse from Andre 3000. But J. Cole is okay, too. And WHOOHOO-BEYONCE!!!