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The Case for Drunk Texting Mom

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, critic and columnist Richard Lawson tells us more about the horrors of accidentally sending the wrong text message to your mom.

Cool beans. Sent my mom a text about Fire Island plans that was meant for a friend. So I'm committing seppuku now

— Richard Lawson (@rilaws) June 17, 2014

Richard! So what happened here?

I was coming home from a staff drinks kind of a thing and was juggling several text message conversations, one with my mom who just visited me and my sister [...]


Vacant Young People Too Busy Sending Racist Texts To Care About Ethics

"[A] new study showed young adults who text more than 100 times a day tend to be more interested in wealth, vanity and less so in leading a virtuous life. Led by psychology professors Paul Trapnell and Lisa Sinclair, the University of Winnipeg study suggested that students who text that much are 30 percent less likely to value living an 'ethical, principled life,' compared to those who texted 50 times or less a day. The study also showed that heavy texters exhibited higher levels of ethnic prejudice."


Texting Will Trick Women Into Letting You Do Sex To Them

Hey, fellas: Want to do sex to that special—or simply just available—lady in your life? Text her! "Nearly 40 percent of women say that social-networking media, such as text-messaging and Facebook, are causing them to jump into the sack faster with partners than they would have in the past, according to a poll by Men's Fitness and Shape magazines." Some clinical psychologist suggests that the false sense of intimacy texting provides will get you over the hump (heh), as the lady in question will think that "you've actually been together for a longer amount of time, so it's actually OK to have sex quicker. You may have gone [...]


[Insert New Techonology Here] Is Destroying [Insert Generation Younger Than Your Own]

"We live in a culture where young people-outfitted with iPhone and laptop and devoting hours every evening from age 10 onward to messaging of one kind and another-are ever less likely to develop the 'silent fluency' that comes from face-to-face interaction. It is a skill that we all must learn, in actual social settings, from people (often older) who are adept in the idiom. As text-centered messaging increases, such occasions diminish. The digital natives improve their adroitness at the keyboard, but when it comes to their capacity to 'read' the behavior of others, they are all thumbs."

I have mixed feelings about this Wall Street Journal op-ed. I [...]


How Not To Emote Upon Killing A Cop While Driving Drunk

Here is a terrible story from Russia about a woman who killed a traffic cop while driving drunk. After striking the officer with her Toyota, the 22-year-old woman pulled over to text her boyfriend. The message?

"Honey, I killed a cop. I'm sorry :( What should I do?"


I Wonder How Many People Tripped And Fell While Watching This On Their Phones

"What would happen if 1,500 pedestrians walked across the famous crossing in front of Tokyo’s Shibuya Station while using their smartphones? Only 36 percent would make it to the other side because many would bump into each other or fall, according to a computer simulation by NTT Docomo Inc. that is generating a buzz on the Internet."


When Not To Text

Time wonders: Is it okay to text while eating?

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Men hv gotten dumber since smartphone introduction. One resto owner says he now has mats under toilets 4 men who miss the bowl while txtingless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Replydana cowinfwscout


Kids Text A Lot

"According to a new Nielsen study examining teenage mobile-phone usage around the world, American teens text more than six times an hour while they are awake."


Toward A More Detailed Work-Safety Warning

The Wall Street Journal has another "Oh no, people need to learn text/Internet acronyms" piece today, which opens with the following anecdote:

Kate Washburn didn't know what to make of the email a friend sent to her office with the abbreviation "NSFW" written at the bottom. Then she clicked through the attached sideshow, titled "Awkward Family Photos." It included shots of a family in furry "nude" suits and of another family alongside a male walrus in a revealing pose.

After looking up NSFW on Web site that provides definitions of Internet and texting terms-she discovered what it stood for: "Not safe for work."


If Your Boyfriend Texts You A Lot He Is About To Break Up With You?

"For men, more texting doesn’t necessarily mean a better relationship. And they don’t just get tired of receiving texts; their relationship satisfaction is also lower when they send a lot of texts themselves. 'We’re wondering if this means men disconnect and replace in-person conversations with more texting,' [some researcher] said. 'Maybe as they exit the relationship, they text more frequently because that’s a safer form of communication. We don’t know why, that is just a conjecture.'"


Britons Using Any Pretext To Stab Each Other

"A MAN who stabbed his friend to death in a row over a mis-spelt text message has been convicted of manslaughter." Yes, what a world, etc., but it's even stranger when you consider this: "Brook told the police he sent Mr Witkowski a text containing the word 'nutter', but, because of his predictive text, it came out as “mutter”. Mr Witkowski took offence and after the pair exchanged a series of increasingly abusive and angry text messages, he went round to Brook’s flat."


Sleep Is For The Weak (Or At Least The Women Who Don't Have PDAs)

An Oxygen survey of women aged 18 to 34 found that some 37% of them have fallen asleep while clutching a PDA, while 26% of them will wake up from a dead slumber and stagger zombie-like to wherever their phone might be (or roll over) in order to read their text messages. Having engaged in both of these behaviors as recently as (cough) eight-ish hours ago, I wonder if there's a correlative aspect between them, thanks to the light-emitting nature of the devices, which contributes to fitful sleep. I also wonder if there is a chunk of the ladies who admit to fall asleep holding their PDA [...]


I don't even know anymore.

In the service of parents everywhere, Fox Atlanta today released a list of text acronyms parents should know. As much as we applaud their commitment to child safety and paternal supervision, many items on the list are inaccurate or flat-out wrong. Here are the actual translations. Print them out and keep them by the computer; they're bound to come in handy.