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Tegan And Sara, "Everything Is Awesome"

If you happened to walk past a movie theater this weekend it is not unlikely that you saw an odd combination of small children and college-age kids singing this song as they emerged from what it turns out was The Lego Movie. Now it is impossible to unknow, impossible to unhear. It is too late for me to save myself, so I leave this here as an explanation of what happened to me for those in the future who might wonder. It is an almost unforgivable thing I do, putting this in a place where you might create your own relentless earworm, so I will warn you very seriously [...]


Album Good

You're right to be suspicious of all the buzz, but sometimes high praise turns out to be justified; Heartthrob, the new one by Tegan and Sara, is just so so good. Trust your pal Al on this one. Or, you know what? Trust, but verify.


Tegan And Sara, "Shudder To Think"

It is funny how the farther away we get from the '80s the better it seems in retrospect, but I suppose that is true of everything, which should give you all hope: No matter how miserable today is—and today is indeed miserable, you are correct in feeling that way—if you somehow survive another 30 years you will look back on it as a time when you weren't as filled with sadness and desperation as you are now (and by now I mean "then," i.e. 30 years from today, when things are going to be so much worse). Anyway, the soundtrack to 30 years from now will feature the bands [...]


Taylor Swift And Tegan And Sara, "Closer"

Like the guy in the comments says, "If it helps T&S record sales and radio air plays I can get with this!!" And like the other person in the comments says, "Seriously, I don't get why people hate Tegan and Sara, or even Taylor." Both of those thoughts are correct: Get with this, and don't hate. Here endeth the lesson.