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The JFK/OWS Connection

You catch that thing on Friday where the New York Times brought together an Occupy Wall Street protester and a Wall Street broker to discuss the issues? (For the purposes of this post let's pretend that you did.) Well, if the protester seemed a little familiar (again, just go with it), there's a good reason: he's the guy who jumped the baggage carousel at JFK at the beginning of the year. We chatted with him back in February. Small world!


An Q&A with Ted Hall: He Jumped the JFK Baggage Carousel for Love

Trouble. It’s out there. Sometimes you find it; sometimes it finds you.

I first met Edward T. Hall III last October at TEDxGotham, one of those independent TED offshoots that spring up around the world. A friend had invited me to attend her presentation on social robotics. Edward—Ted to his friends—distinguished himself from the rest of the speakers by reading a poem on the steps of Cooper Union after the event.

As the poem concluded, he wept openly, tears streaking his cheeks between long locks of hair. There’s a special kind of person who can authentically cry in public, bridging the gap between goony political [...]