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Shh, Nobody Move: The Republicans Are Sane Again!

The one surprise left to us in American politics is the rare appearance of good news—that really is a shock, the jewel at the bottom of Pandora's box (ἐλπίς, the spirit of Hope, ha ha). And a certain amount of good news has been wandering over the transom in recent weeks, courtesy of the Sanity Wing of the Republican party, of all places, which until late last year I had assumed to be an entirely theoretical phenomenon, like phlogiston.

Back in October, Daily Beast "conservative pundit" David Frum spoke out against the Tea Party in no uncertain terms, calling for "the rational caucus" of Republican congressional leaders to [...]


Empty Chairs And Old Glory: Election Season In The Desert

It's all but forgotten now, but six weeks ago the biggest news on Earth was that geriatric movie actor Clint Eastwood brought an empty chair to accompany his improv at the Republican National Convention. Millions of people laughed and said, "What even was that?" And then they went back to their lives: thinking about tomorrow's lunch, ordering the new iPhone, forgetting to give the dog its heartworm medicine, etc.

But there are parts of the country where bizarre right-wing political-media stunts outlive the churn of the news cycle by weeks, sometimes even months. These parts of the country are called "rural and exurban areas." And they are everywhere, basically [...]


Steal This Occupy Wall Street

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Will We Even Have a Tea Party in Six Years?

"Local tea party groups are less organized and politically active than previously thought—and… much of the grassroots organization that swayed primaries was coordinated and financed by large national groups led by Republican insiders." —You don't say.


Tea Partiers Have No Use For Emergency Services

I know it's plucking at low-hanging fruit to pull anything out of the rubber room that is National Review's The Corner, and it's particularly low-hanging fruit to call out a reader anecdote sent into that site's Jay Nordlinger, but there was something about this one that just struck me as so telling. Can you guess what it is?


Reliable New Polling Shows 48% of Americans Favor the Tea Party

It might seem like the self-destructive mob known as the Tea Party was a brief living nightmare from 2010 that was handily smacked back into its grave by Barack Obama's epic 2012 re-election win, which also saw Democrats again winning the Senate with a two-seat gain and the House GOP majority losing eight seats. Democrats actually won 1.4 million votes more than Republicans in the House, the first time since 1996 that the GOP held the House while losing the vote count.

But this is the kind of talk that has long distanced liberal media elitists from the Tea Party faithful. While the straggling and embarrassing remains of the Tea [...]


The Cathovangelical: Rick Santorum's Quest for a National Abortion Showdown

It's a fine how-do-you-do. Fifty years after Democrats struggled to prove that their candidate for President "just happened to be a Catholic," now they face the prospect of painting a Republican challenger as a dangerous follower of Rome's socially extreme dogma.

The ascension of former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum to maybe-viable contender for his party's nomination and even a Pennsylvania Avenue address promises a number of rather unique possibilities. (Get ready for the "surprise" when he takes North Carolina.)

Most immediately, and a source of far more spiritual indigestion, a Santorum nomination would mean the most bloody dust-up over abortion and faith modern America has ever experienced. That's [...]


Anders Breivik, The American Tea Party, Norway and "Sharia Creep"

The attacks were "a despicable act directed at everyone in Norway," said Siv Jensen, the leader of the Norwegian Progress Party. While her assessment of the 76 dead and nearly 100 injured may be philosophically true, it's technically false. The bombing and mass shooting late last week was in fact directed at a very specific group of Norwegians. These "summer camp" teens weren't shot for taking canoe lessons; they were shot for being political activists, or children of such. (This was something made very clear by Tea Party leader Glenn Beck, when he functionally ended his corporate career days later by comparing the dead to Hitler Youth).

After years [...]


John McCain Tries to Embrace Tea Party, Throws Gays (or Bastards!) Under Bus

Live from Vegas: McCain Tries to Embrace Tea Party, Throws Gays Under Bus -- #url#

The Tea Party Is As Depressing As It Is Predictable

The Times does a bang-up job on answering the question of who makes up the "Tea Party." There's a ton of information to parse, but your short answer is wealthy older conservatives who hate the idea that poor people might ever enjoy any of the benefits of the state. Also, they are not fans of Barack Obama. Let us first get this out of the way. It is the opinion of a 67-year-old retiree.


Campaign 2016 Is Finally Here!

We received our first "_____ for President, 2016" spam today, which is great. (We've also unsubscribed from all the political emails, now that Obama has successfully been anointed president for life, so it's possible that some other 2016 bumper stickers are already out there.) Anyway, go Ron Rand Paul! He will stop whatever's happening, and give you Liberty, if you can afford it. Support whatever Super PAC is doing this, for freedom. Also, Rand Paul is a talking snake?

We are not going to mince words here: Elect a talking snake in 2016:


Everything Joe Walsh Has Done in Congress This Year

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My office was invaded by the Occupy Protesters today & all I saw were $1000 laptops & vomit on the carpet. Thank God for #febrezeWed Dec 07 03:49:02 via TweetDeckRep. Joe WalshRepJoeWalsh

I'll just leave this here. Oh, okay, how about a review of Joe Walsh's work activity this year, his first in Congress? Well, it's pretty amazing actually.


A Blueprint for a Takeover: Wisconsin Republicans Lied While the Kochs Schemed

The simple rhetoric of the Wisconsin budget battle is that the Democrats are just "thug" unions—and that Republicans are carrying water for wealthy corporate sleaze. It's more complicated than that. For one, several teachers' unions endorsed Wisconsin Republicans last year—unions are hardly the unthinking automatons of the left they're now depicted to be. Why would they do that? Quite simply, those Republicans looked into the face of their constituents… and lied.

As the marquee battle over unions and Walker's bill is happening in Madison, the true fight over changes to the state is happening elsewhere. The ransacking of Wisconsin cannot be done from Madison alone. Governor Scott [...]


Real America: A Fashion Essentials Guide for the Tea Party Patriot

A movement that's rewriting the rules for politics is also rewriting new rules for fashion.

Clothing is an extension of your values, a sartorial statement of who you are as an American. And while you're shouldering the rebirth of a nation's glory, why not shoulder a smart-looking blazer in the process?

While Tea Partiers respect, more than anything, the freedom to wear what they like, there are some new essentials for the man looking to "restore honor" to America… and his wardrobe. Below, a selection of the Fall essentials for the Tea Partier dressing for the profession, the polls or the protest.


The Fake Tea Party Numbers Keep Circulating

Oh, look! I breezed past the boilerplate section while reading Ben McGrath's Tea Party profile yesterday, and I so shouldn't have. Media Matters? "According to the New Yorker, the 'mainstream media' declined to acknowledge that 1.8 million people showed up at the Tea Party rally? Might that be because 1.8 million people didn't show up and that number was pure fantasy, whipped up by the likes of Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck. Or, to put it another way, the press didn't report the 1.8 million number because it was off the mark by 1.7 million."