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Skin Colorists Bad

"The things I could tell you about that business. ALL the very specific gossip, powertripping, speculation, back biting, back stabbing, treachery, smoke and mirrors bullshit, drug dealing shop owners, client fuckers fucking clients in the shop during business hours, control freak OSHA types, suppliers selling misrepresented crap, lying machine builders, lip service paid to proper sterilization techniques while obliviously cross contaminating shop from HiV+ client. And bikers. And scammers. No FDA approval for tattoo pigment. 'Tattoo Pigment' that is actually low end acrylic craft paint. And [...]


"I think one day people without tattoos will be the minority."

You know how red ink is supposed to be the hardest part of a tattoo to remove, darkening but never quite disappearing from the skin? Wouldn't it be an awesome prank if a tattoo artist somehow hid the phrase "I used to be cool" in someone's tattoo, so that, years later, when they went to remove it, that is what emerged? Maybe not, just a thought. Anyway, here's an article about the New York Urban Tattoo Convention, which sounds pretty cool.


Body Art: But Is It Art Art?

There are a lot of thoughts here about tattoos.


Local Wrestler Still Has That Mitt Romney Tattoo On His Face

"I’m a tattoo guy, and it was something fun. I was trying to make politics fun. I didn't change no lives; I’m no hero. But I shed blood for this campaign, and I’m glad to know that I did all that I could." —The Indiana man who got a 5-inch-long Mitt Romney logo tattooed on the side of his face has no regrets.


How They Got There: A Conversation With Artist Duke Riley

Duke Riley postponed our first interview because he was freight-train hopping across the country. The Rhode Island School of Design- and Pratt-trained artist needed to be in San Francisco for meetings so he and a friend worked their way west. They made it, eventually.

Jumping on trains is usual behavior for someone who lives a highly unusual life. Riley moved to Brooklyn in 1997 and meandered his way into the city's art world by doing his own thing. He threw parties in abandoned buildings on the Brooklyn waterfront, made art, and ended up owning a tattoo parlor, essentially by accident. Jerry Saltz credited the 38-year-old as [...]


Your Tattoo And You

The comments section on this question about "tattoo regret" make for interesting reading, if you enjoy the occasional thread of people shouting past each other and making easy assumptions (a.k.a. "The Internet"). Disclosure: I am myself tattooed! I have a small skull on my right forearm. Technically it is upside-down, so it is occasionally mistaken for a snowman or a buttcrack. I got it in the "hip" section of Houston, Texas, in 1992. It cost $30. My theory at the time was that if you were going to get a tattoo it should be as tacky as possible, and I almost got inked with Bart Simpson's head. Unfortunately [...]


This Is Why No One Takes The Concept Of "Tattoo Art" Seriously

I mean, I guess if you want to be sanguine about it you can tell yourself that we're all going to die soon anyway, what does it matter what kind of idiot markings people get on their skin. That's about the most upbeat advice I have to offer [...]


Some People Born After 1970 Have Tattoos

"According to data from the NBA Tattoos Tumblr, which collects anecdotal evidence of basketball players’ body art, at least one-half the players playing for the NBA title have tattoos, and that’s just the ones we know about."


Percentage Of People Who Were Idiots In The '90s Corrected

"Because of an editing error, the Skin Deep column last Thursday, about employees who feel the need to conceal their tattoos at work, misstated one of the findings of a Pew Research poll from 2010 about Americans with tattoos. It found that 32 percent of people aged 30 to 45 have a tattoo, not that 32 percent of Americans with tattoos are 30 to 45 years old."


People Drawn On

Who has tattoos? Chefs and congresspeople. So, basically, scumbags.


If You Meet An Australian With A Ned Kelly Tattoo, Politely Excuse Yourself

"Kelly is a dominant figure in the popular perception of Australian colonial history with quite disparate opinions being voiced. On one hand he is viewed as a common criminal given to cattle rustling and armed conflict with the police, while on the other he is viewed as an Irish freedom fighter standing up to the oppressive British authorities. On either side of the debate his image is generally taken as representing an anti-establishment position." —Roger Byard, professor of pathology at the University of Adelaide, discusses a study in which he found that Australians who have tattoos of legendary Prison Island bandit Ned Kelly "are more likely to die as [...]


Courtney Love Brings Back 1994 A Little

Courtney Love is giving it [Ed Note: "it" being her career, in this instance.] another go, releasing a new Hole album, with a whole new band (hey!), through Mercury/Island Def Jam in April. She went on the British TV show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross last week, and debuted a new song, "Samantha," that sounds somewhat like something that might have been left off Hole's classic 1994 album, Live Through This. Which means it sounds better than much of the music she's made since, but also makes you wonder who wrote it and when.


Tattooed Jesus Takes Lubbock By Storm

As the great Butch Hancock noted of his birthplace, "Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you're going to burn in Hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on Earth and you should save it for someone you love." It's our contradictions that make us beautiful in the eyes of the Lord, I guess. Anyway, I love how the people they talk to about this billboard are like, "Yeah, maybe I'll look it up next time I'm online or whatever." I guess that counts as a kind of storm.


Theme For Spring And Summer 2013 Announced

"We start trends in New York. Spring and summer 2013 is all about the dog tattoo."


The Man Who Wept Ink

"A Brazilian man claims he 'cried ink for two days' after getting his eyeballs tattooed to make them darker. Tattoo artist Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, 39, of Sao Paulo, decided to go ahead with the bizarre procedure after having already had 70 per cent of his body covered in ink.The work involved a special syringe being used to inject the ink into the whites of his eyes." —There are photos and video, but only you can decide if that's the way you want the rest of your day to take shape.


The Tooth Tattoo

What's that, you say? A "graphene sensor" that is tattooed on the enamel of my teeth and tells me when to go to the dentist? I believe I will pass, thank you all the same. ALSO OH MY GOD WHY DO YOU PEOPLE KEEP REMINDING ME OF MY DENTAL DIFFICULTIES?


Tattoos: A Sign Of Extremely Attractive Risk-Takers

It is time to once again talk about tattoos, specifically the kind of people who get them. Science has a theory! It turns out that, for dudes at least, it is the better-looking ones who take the needle.


News From Abroad

"An 18-year-old Belgian housewife said Tuesday she will sue a local tattoo parlor, where she got 56 star tattoos on her face instead of the three as she had originally asked for." Why is "18-year-old housewife" the most striking part of that sentence?! (Oh yes, there is video.)