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Leaves Disliked

"He wanted iceberg lettuce. He would hate kale. He would hate everything like that."


David Byrne Sues Charlie Crist

"As an attorney and the former attorney general of Florida, Governor Crist knows better. A political candidate may not incorporate the artistry of musicians and a songwriter into a campaign commercial without getting a license." -Attorney, Lawrence Iser, representing David Byrne in lawsuit against Charlie Crist for using the Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere" without permission in his now-abandoned Senate campaign against fellow Republican Marco Rubio. Here's the rule: No Springsteen, no Heart, no Jackson Browne, no Talking Heads. At this point, Republican ad departments would be better off just sticking with the Nuge. Just score every single ad with "Stranglehold" and call it a day. [...]


Talking Heads Albums, In Order

8. Naked

7. True Stories

6. More Songs About Buildings And Food

5. Talking Heads: 77

4. Fear Of Music

3. Little Creatures

2. Speaking In Tongues

1. Remain In Light


Good Rap Song Doesn't Really Make Sense

Silly to quibble with someone who's declaring himself a maniac, but the chorus to Lil Boosie's new single, "Mind of a Maniac" seems to contradict itself. "I ain't got no mind," Boosie begins. But then, immediately, he says, "Welcome to the mind of maniac." So, apparently, he does in fact have a mind. Just not a normally functioning one. Today though he is on his way to the big house, where he will have the better part of a year to think about these issues.


On Shirky, On Jarvis, On Rosen And Gillmor!

"'Future of News' thinkers, who emerged only in the last few years, represent a new kind of public intellectual: journalism academics known for neither their journalism nor their scholarship. Yet, the fact is they are filling a void left by an intellectually exhausted journalism establishment, and filling it with crisp, readable—and voluminous—prose that offers to connect journalism to the technocratic vanguard…. To the extent that FON thinkers mau-mau the news business—that’s a good thing. The problem is that FON thinkers (but not Rosen, as we’ll see) sometimes let slip a light regard for journalism itself, that is to say, what journalists actually do." —Who's your boss paying to help [...]