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"To proudly claim the veteran and disown the slaveholder is patriotism à la carte. A nation outlives its generations."—What is an ambitious, bold, beautifully written magazine cover story worth in 2014? That is to ask: Can it still force people to talk, or is the power of the information void such that it will be merely processed and forgotten, filed away in the abandoned longform warehouse? This is as good a month as any to find out.


Obama and the "radioactive racial issues of yesteryear"

That the Obama administration would fold so easily gives some sense of how frightened it was of a protracted fight with any kind of racial subtext, particularly one that had a subtext of black rage. Its enemies under­stood this, and when no black rage could be found, they concocted some. And the administration, in a panic, knuckled under.

Remember Shirley Sherrod? Ah. When you have the time, spend it with Ta-Nehisi Coates' Atlantic story on the ways that Obama chooses, or is forced to, not countenance race, in "a country so infantile that it can countenance white acceptance of blacks only when they meet an Al Roker [...]


Flags of our fathers

Thought for the day: "People like to debate about the salience of white racism in our daily lives. I think the fact that there are entrenched interest in this country, and in one of our major parties, that continues to honor a treason founded on white racism really says a lot."