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European Nation's Only Bear Successfully Exterminated

"The male bear, known as M13, was shot dead by wildlife rangers on Tuesday, said Adrian Aeschlimann, spokesman for the Federal Office for the Environment. 'The cull was carried out according to the management plan for bears in Switzerland,' he told AFP on Wednesday." —Imagine that quote in the original German.


Ashes In Lake Probably Not A Mistake

Swiss euthanasia outfit Dignitas is in trouble after police divers accidentally discovered up to 300 urns full of human remains that were dumped into Lake Zurich illegally. Man, the Swiss used to be so good at secretly destroying unpleasant evidence. What happened?


Switzerland's Endless Cycle Of Guinea Pig Purchases

"Without her rent-a-guinea pig service, the owner would have to purchase a new, probably younger guinea pig as a companion to the ageing survivor, whose eventual death would force the purchase of yet another guinea pig, locking the owner into an endless cycle of guinea pig purchases in order to adhere to Swiss law — even though he or she may only ever have wanted one guinea pig in the first place."


Switzerland Creates Tiny Condoms For Its Youngest Fuckers

These are going to make for some awesome practical jokes: "Extra small condoms for boys as young as 12 are going on sale in Switzerland after a sexual health group campaign. Called the Hotshot, the condom has been produced after government research showed 12 to 14-year-olds did not use sufficient protection when having sex."


The Other Miami-Basel Connection: Tax Havens Being Busted

The last few decades have basically been about (slowly, and sometimes poorly) chipping away at entrenched secrecy and exploitation by rich people and corporations. To the point where we at least know that certain things happen. For instance, this just in! "The United States attorney’s office in Miami accused Renzo Gadola, the head of RG Investment Partners, an investment-advisory firm in Zurich, of conspiracy to defraud the United States by helping wealthy Americans evade taxes from 2000 through this month." It's notable that Gadola was with UBS for 13 years, not just because "a former senior UBS private banking executive had worked as Mr. Gadola’s partner to help [...]