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The Smell Of Spring

I have given careful consideration to the idea that by even bringing this subject up I might be jinxing things, but after thinking through all the potential ramifications and consulting the relevant meteorological charts I feel safe in suggesting that after a winter without end we may have finally and irrevocably entered the season we dared only dream of during the ceaseless reign of snow and cold. That's right, it is probably Spring for real now. Which explains why everything smells like jizz and your head is filled with bad words. Congratulations! We made it! See you in a couple of weeks when we're all bitching about [...]


Foul-Mouthed Britons Can Now Swear Freely

"A High Court judge has ruled that people should not be punished for hurling obscenities in public because such words are now so common they no longer cause distress…. [S]wearing in public, previously a criminal offence across the UK, appears to longer offend the legal system as much as it once did."


Books Get Sweary

"[N]ow publishing is awash with best sellers whose unprintable titles are, for the most part, being coyly disguised by asterisks and other symbols over select vowels on the jackets… Out this week: If You Give a Kid a Cookie, Will He Shut the —- Up? ($14.99) by Marcy Roznick, a parody, aimed at adults, of the 1985 children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie ….," reports USA Today.