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Embrace Your Inner Surf Pig

"Surfing is Hawaii's gift to the world, it's like true happiness, and that's what this guy does: Everywhere he goes he makes people smile and laugh. He just brings joy to the world." —Think about the last time someone said that about you. (If you are a woman, change the hes to shes, obviously.) When was it? Probably never, right? Maybe you should take a minute to reassess everything that's happening in your life right now. That stress you feel, the sadness you carry around with you, the gnawing sense of anxiety that never lets you quite settle in anywhere no matter how happy you try to trick yourself [...]


Erykah Badu, "Strawberry Incense"

This is a new Erykah Badu song. Produced by underground hip-hop hero Madlib, it sounds like something that could either be the first song or the last song on her new album, New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh), set to arrive in two weeks. The picture is the cover. Which is awesome and makes me wonder what Erykah Badu thinks of Avatar? Here are some other pictures, of her surfing last month in Hawaii.


Everything Is Going To Hell Anyway, We May As Well Take A Minute To Watch Some Dogs Surf

"Canines with a love for the ocean and their human companions were treated to a day of doggy surfing fun with the fifth annual Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach on Sunday. Pooches were able to 'hang paws' over surfboards while cheered on by crowds of animal lovers, and were also given the chance to strut their stuff in a variety of other doggone fun activities and contests throughout the weekend event." —Hey, I don't write it. Although it seems like it would be a much more pleasant thing to focus on writing given rather than all the other options these days.


Rainbow Bridge, "Big Wave Rider"

Here's the new thing from True Panther Sounds, the San Francisco label that brought us one of last year's fun new things, Girls, and their terrific album Album. The newer new thing is Rainbow Bridge, a "multi generational A B Original duo."


Baby Pig Forced To Surf

"New Zealand's latest surfing sensation is Zorro the piglet who has been hogging the waves since he was just three-weeks-old." Remember that the next time someone tells you surfing is a sport.


Hey, Man, Is That Freedom Hawk?!

So you heard how the waves got big enough this week-averaging over 20 feet in height-at Oahu's famed Waimea Beach to hold the prestigious Eddie Aikau big wave surfing contest for the time in five years? San Clemente, California's Greg Long won the event by riding the "monster drop" of the day, a 40-foot wave that broke during the competition's final heat. Totally awesome, for sure. Also awesome is the above video, put together by the contest's sponsors that assembles footage of the biggest waves and craziest wipeouts from The Eddie over the years. The song that makes the soundtrack is good. It's called "Land of the Lost," [...]