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Let's Call It 'Apple Privilege'

Big huge tech acquisitions bring out the worst in people. I do not know exactly why: I assume that it has something to do with seemingly infinite sums of money being made to seem finite or even small in the presence of even larger infinities of money. Anyway, has anyone noticed that the loud and visceral reaction to Apple's multi-billion dollar acquisition of Beats, the headphone and music service company, is kind of racist?

I asked this question on Twitter and got a number of private responses immediately. One, from a well-known tech writer: "I did, but only in DM, because I can't deal with that shit today." Then [...]


The Brad Pitt Bed: "Ziricote with farm raised stingray skins and nickel details"

"Available in Ziricote, Macassar ebony, Ceylon satinwood, Amboyna burl, Olive ash burl, Macassar ebony with diamond pattern inlays, hand laid eggshell, goatskin, and stingray skin." (More LOLs here and here.)


Coke + 30 Hours of Grand Theft Auto = Awesomeness

"While the GTA IV load screen appeared on my television screen, my friend chopped up a dozen lines, reminded me of basic snorting protocol and handed me the straw. I hesitated before taking the tiny hollow sceptre, but not for too long. Know this: I was not someone whose life had been marked by the meticulous collection of bad habits. I chewed tobacco, regularly drank about 10 Diet Cokes a day, and liked marijuana. Beyond that, my greatest vice was probably reading poetry for pleasure. The coke sailed up my nasal passage, leaving behind the delicious smell of a hot leather car seat on the way back from the beach. [...]


Two Marriages In The News Today

1. "Mr. Vollmann is 54, heterosexual and married with a daughter in high school. He began cross-dressing seriously about five years ago…. He said his wife, who is an oncologist, is not thrilled with his outré experiments and keeps her distance. 'Probably when the book comes out, it’ll be the first she’s heard of it,' he said. 'I always try to keep my wife and child out of what I do. I don’t want to cause them any embarrassment.' He asked that his wife not be interviewed for this article."

2. "We come from very mixed backgrounds. Kitten was raised Christian but is now Pagan. Doll is [...]


"Texts from Mitt Romney"

Fine, sure, Friday, meme-ish, it's Texts from Mitt Romney.


There You Are, Rene Russo!

We had to ask, back in September: where the heck are you, Rene Russo? Great news! Or at least: news! "Rene Russo joins cast of 'Thor': Actress set to play Frigga, mother of Norse hero." Yes. Opposite Anthony Hopkins. Directed by Kenneth Branagh. I don't know either! But we'll take it.


Blogs Snatched By Giant CGI Eagle!!!

The Blog Lord Giveth and the Blog Lord Taketh Away. (Well, nine hours later.)


The Secret To Economic Recovery: A Corporate Sponsor?

"This recovery is going to look like the Nike swoosh." -Timken Company CEO Jim Griffith, who pontificated about his "hopeful but cautious" outlook for the American economy to Reuters. Griffith, whose company manufactures bearings and alloy steels and other associated items, was referring to the "gentle curve" presented by the omnipresent logo. But really, why not take this idea further and have Nike (current market cap: somewhere in the $37 billion range) lead the way in recovery-related investments — and then brand the effort with their trademark swoosh? It would make for some great brand association, not to mention that it would boost consumer confidence like nobody's [...]