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The Hair of War

Have you seen the trailer for Fury? David Ayer, the guy who wrote Training Day and directed the unexpectedly fun End of Watch, about handsome police, has made a World War II movie. It's both intense and without context: It is not a movie of the moment, or some sort of long-awaited reassessment. It's just here.

It will probably be, to some extent, a buddy movie; every Ayers film is. The director/writer also told People that he wanted Fury "the ultimate tank movie", so I guess we'll find out what that means. In the meantime, let's focus on the one thing we know for sure about Fury: [...]


The Lyin' Liberal Media Tries to Trick Men Twice Today About Fashion

The lies of fashion were many and various today. And they were all aimed at the lesser, more worried sex.

1. PLEATS ARE BACK said the Murdoch St. Journal.

2. Perma-tied bow-ties are ALL THE RAGE, says the Gay Lady (that is the styles section of the New York Times).

Pleats are not back—the evidence was even sketchy in the "trend" piece, as they lumped in Prada with the four makers of pleated pants, with Prada's unpleated but darted pants. (There is a particular Prada pant infesting the stores right now that has 100% vertical pockets and is shaped pretty much like a jodhpur. It [...]


Steamy Summer: The People of New York City in Pictures

Last Friday, July 1, photographer Andrew Piccone traveled to four neighborhoods in New York City. He spent an hour in each, to document the people, the looks and the sultry, lazy heights of summer. He brought back seven photos from each neighborhood, as he moved along from Rockaway Beach to the Upper East Side.

Rockaway Beach, on Beach 96th Street, 2 to 3 p.m.


The Kids Today: Lawrence Hayward Edition

Rock legend Lawrence Hayward, of Felt and Denim fame (or something like it), is not a young man, as he turned 48 yesterday, and we relate to that. Relatedly, he has had it up to here with the kids today and their atrocious clothing. "If I tried to give these young kids advice like 'You shouldn't wear those shoes. You look like you've just come out of Topshop,' they wouldn't listen to me. These kids were 15 when I met them, and they looked like slobs. They all had great hair but they wouldn't do anything with it. Now if you're a kid, your dad listens to the same [...]


What to Say to a Man in a Short-Suit

♫ Shorts, shorts, shorts, short shorts ♫: At this summer’s weddings and white parties, the nattiest gentlemen will be wearing shorts with a corresponding suit coat. At least, that’s what J.Crew would have you believe, along with a few other menswear companies that are giving the look a hard sell this season…

From all perspectives, the short-suit is an odd pairing. Sartorially, the look is equal parts business and schoolboy. Functionally, it’s both breezy and stifling, and socks are a no-no, unless they go up to one’s knees. The list of people who can pull it off doesn’t stretch much beyond professionals in Bermuda and street-style icons such as [...]


The Annotated Guide to MTV's "House of Style"

Remember that time a style show premiered on a TV channel and it featured Jane Pratt, Winona Ryder, Kurt Andersen and three little oddball magazines called Fame, Details and Spy? Of course you don't, you were probably in third grade. THE YEAR: 1989. THE CHANNEL: MTV. And here is a detailed account of all that magic, from "House of Style: Episode One." Oh and after that, there are many, many more. Like, twelve seasons more. (Don't miss episode 5, which had Cindy Crawford and Tracey Ullman in bathrobes gabbing. In The Plaza.)


Did Charlie Crist Steal Interior Decorating Secrets From The Wu-Tang Clan?

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist can pardon Jim Morrison for a bogus obscenity bust, and officially apologize to David Byrne for using his music without permission. But he's really going to be in trouble when Raekwon finds out that he's wallpapered his offices with the album-cover artwork from 2009's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II.


2013 Style: A Tragedy In Four Acts

1. He adored Los Angeles

Instagram: @RhondaIntl

Fashion is for either the very young or the very old; style is for everyone in between. I do not function participatorily in any fashion polity, which is another way of saying I live in LA. If you are a dude here, you take one of two looks: Patrick Bateman or Christopher Robin. If you abstain, grown women will come up and ask you if you smell, neither knowing nor caring that style is an outsider's game.

A lot of what passes for street style here is liminal and kind of en-route in nature, as most of it is confined [...]


Gordon Voidwell, "XO Boyfriend"

Five years ago, for my job editing stories for XXL magazine, I would go in to the offices of Harris Publications for a week of afternoons each month. Sometimes when I was there, I would sit next to a young fellow named Will. I'm not sure if Will worked for XXL or one of its sister publications, like Scratch. (I think the former.) And I'm not really sure what he did there, either, other than wear noticeably cool, brightly colored sneakers. I don't mean this as a criticism—he probably didn't know what I did there, either, other than wear much less cool, earthtone corduroys—we didn't talk about work a [...]


New MTV Style Blogger Improves World Instantly

"Right? I mean, let's be all the way real. This is not cold fusion. We're dealing with things like crackle nail polish, bangs, cocktail dresses, bags and shoes. Stuff that is nothing more than random articles of listless bric-a-brac… ZOMG I am just kidding. All of these things are crucial and we will talk about them with the gravitas and devotion they deserve. In any case, I just hope this space will develop organically, find its voice and get along with the rest of the online community… and bludgeon competitors to a bloody, wretched pulp of searing envy and bits of hair. SIKE. I just hope you guys like me. [...]