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Electorate Well-Stressed

"The survey of more than 2,500 Americans found that about 1 in 4 said they had experienced a 'great deal' of stress in the previous month. And these stressed-out people said one of the biggest contributors to their day-to-day stress was watching, reading or listening to the news."


Feeling Terrible All The Time Is Actually A Positive Thing

Stress is actually good for you. At least today.


How To Beat Stress

Here is a simple, two-step method to help alleviate stress. The "BE" practice involves 1) Breathing ("Take a few deep breaths and as you breathe in, know that you’re breathing in, as you breathe out know that you breathing out.") and 2) Expanding ("This is the process of expanding your attention throughout the body and just feeling the body as it is."). Should this strategy fail to soothe your anxieties, please feel free to follow my two-step method: The "DY" practice involves 1) Drinking ("Take a few strong sips and as you swallow, say, 'Damn, that's good stuff.' The higher the proof the more conviction you should say [...]


Terrible Thing Made More Awful

Lately when I have been laying awake in bed as dawn comes on and wishing there were some way it would all simply cease I have shifted my final fantasy from a giant sheet of ice that freezes me forever to an asteroid that appears without warning and suddenly puts an end to everything (I blame Elizabeth Kolbert for putting this beautiful dream in my head). Unfortunately, one cannot sustain thoughts of personal extinction forever; the mind tends to drift, and this morning my reverie of eradication was interrupted by my [...]


Stress! An Energy Source Of The Future?


The Cure For Acne

Among the many other monstrous crimes for which they are responsible, carbs cause acne. Yes, "pizzaface" is literally a thing! Also attributed to acne-accumulation: stress. Here is my prescription for face management: Drink a bunch to reduce stress and then opt for wings rather than mozzarella sticks to keep the carb count low. Consider yourself cured. (P.S. I am not doctor.)


Maybe Turn Off The Trauma TV After Hour Five

"University of California- Irvine researchers discovered that six or more daily hours of exposure to media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings in the week afterward was linked to more acute stress than having been at or near the marathon."


Your Stress Thoughts

Here is a list of "ten thoughts that may be stressing you out," but it doesn't include "They're on to me," "It can only get worse from here and it almost certainly will," "Are the Mormons going to posthumously baptize me?" or "I am all out of people to blame," which are usually the ones that get me going.