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Inexhaustible Trove of Largely Mediocre Video Content Less Cheap

Is anyone upset that Netflix is raising its prices by a dollar or two a month to increase its vast selection of movies that you only want to watch after your brain and its decision-making capacity has been thoroughly pummeled by rows and rows of direct-to-video Nicolas Cage thrillers and Starship Troopers sequels? No?


The Great Netflix Freakout

Everyone is losing their minds over Netflix's announcement that they'll split into two companies: one that does streaming (called "Netflix") and one that does DVDs, called… Qwikster? (This comes after last week's Netflix freakout, over changes to pricing which immediately sent its stock down 19%.)

Now everyone is making fun of CEO Reed Hastings on his own corporate blog. But not just there! Everyone is also making fun of them everywhere else for not securing the Qwikster Twitter account before announcing this new company, which is lackadaisically maintained by a madly inarticulate marijuana-loving gamer named Jason Castillo.


Hugely Successful Pandora Sooooo Close To Making Money

I really enjoyed Sasha Frere-Jones' piece on streaming music and Pandora. Pandora has fifty million listeners, which is enormous. This may be why they have eighty sales people and a staff of 180 people (!!), and also six offices, which, uh, let me be the first to offer them a real estate consultation to minimize their overhead costs, I guess? And of course they are being financially hosed for playing by the rules of "radio"-that eats 60% of their total (not net!) revenue. So these projections for 2010 have them so close to breaking even: only losing a couple of million dollars. But isn't that disheartening, that [...]