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Eddie Murphy's 1980s 'Party' Album

A promo ad for this album says it all: "EDDIE MURPHY SINGS!!! / 'HOW COULD IT BE' ?!?" Nine years after Richard Pryor's …Is It Something I Said? held the number-one spot on the R&B charts for two consecutive weeks, only one of Murphy's first two albums, both recordings of his stand-up act, had squeaked its way into the top ten of that chart.

Though comedy LPs by Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, and Bob Newhart had been major commercial successes in the 60s and 70s, by the early 80s, audiences were turning to movies, TV, and video rental for their standup needs. (Pryor's landmark 1982 concert Live on [...]


People Punished For Doing Very Bad Thing

There's got to be a special circle in hell reserved for those who would make a videotape and then, prosecutors said, use it to try to extort money from Stevie Wonder. At the very least, it would seem that Alpha Lorenzo Walker and Tamara Diaz have some bad luck coming their way, along with the 292 days time served and three years probation that they got in exchange for a no contest plea on an extortion count in Los Angeles. Speaking of Stevie, Talking Book, which includes the song "Superstition" and which I think I would choose as Wonder's best album, came out 40 years ago next [...]


Five Good Songs About Science for Greg Graffin

"It's a similar feeling from being in a community of punk rockers as a teenager and the feeling I still get today when I'm in a community of skeptical scientists. The idea with both is that you challenge authority, you challenge the dogma. You challenge the doctrine in order to make progress. The thrill of science is the process. It's a social process. It's a process of collective discovery. It's debate, it's experimentation and it's verification of claims that might be false. It's the greatest foundation for a society." -Greg Graffin, founder of the L.A. punk band Bad Religion, is also an evolutionary biologist at U.C.L.A. Talking to [...]