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Fucking Masterfulness Of Movie Appreciated

"The way information is doled out in this film is fucking masterful, an absolute clinic in implication and inference—none of the key events that drive the story forward and fuck with the main character occur onscreen—and the math of plotting is absolutely airtight." You almost certainly will not guess, but once you see what it is you will either think, "Oh, right, that is completely correct" or "I need to see this movie," and both of those thoughts will also be completely correct.


Steven Soderbergh Is 50

Filmmaker Steven Andrew Soderbergh turns 50 today, so, as is apparently the hot new thing in Hollywood these days, he will retire soon.


Steven Soderbergh Bypasses Medium To Publish Novella On Twitter


— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013

well, if she confesses and he kills her, great. the question is will she kill him first? BEAT

— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013

no, but i can–i can–yes, we can–BEAT (off, left) sherrill, can you–get gary maloney

— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013


— Bitchuation (@Bitchuation) April 29, 2013

So this is happening.


Flicked Off: The Girlfriend Experience

Pornography star Sasha Grey's appeal to the younger man, and to the lecherous older man, is that she'll remind you of the cold-starin' hipster girls that you see on the street and yet can rarely fondle. And yet, if you're like me and prefer your porn to be of the knee sock variety, then you've most likely seen her money-makin' minge quite frequently. Born in 1988 (I KNOW!), she's the millennial generation's gal in porn-Havana. Whereas your typical adult starlet looks like a cut-rate Tara Reid impersonator, Grey is the scraggly, edgy, angel-headed hipster whose clothes and affection I'd want. Her hipster street cred was gold-plated because she has appeared [...]


Not Gonna Lie, I Had To Google Loïc Prigent

What do Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh, Loïc Prigent, Michael Bay, Ang Lee, Spike Lee, Brian De Palma, Guillermo Del Toro and Ridley Scott have in common? I cannot imagine you will easily guess.