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Smoked Chicken

"A Staten Island woman was arrested for running over one of her neighbor's hens with her car, kicking the dead bird and stuffing a cigarette in its mouth for a series of pictures, according to court documents."


Finally, A Reason To Visit Staten Island

Look, I know none of us likes to go to the Isle of Staten, but this sounds pretty cool: "TELETTROFONO is a new site-specific commission by sound artist Justin Bennett and poet Matthea Harvey. Discover the hidden stories, sounds and silences of Staten Island on an audio walking tour along the waterfront. The tour weaves the true story of Antonio Meucci, the unacknowledged inventor of the first telephone (1871), with fantasy. Meucci's wife Esterre was rumored to be a mermaid who left the water for land due to her love of sound." The tour is on Saturdays and Sundays through August 5th. Learn more (and get tickets) here.


Isle Of Staten Haunted By Scary Rip-Off Artist

Forget it, Staten Island, Knifecrime Island already did the attention-grabbing creepy clown bit better than you ever could.


Vito Fossella's Comeback: Staten Island Loves Family

It's been a rough couple weeks for family values guys. George "the long stroke" Rekers is adjusting to his new therapy chair, instead of his usual expert witness seat. Jonathan I. Katz is busy scrubbing "Crackpot Science Team to Fix the Oil Spill" off his resume after his raging homophobia became evident in his old but constantly-resurfacing essay, "In Defense of Homophobia." And the recently resigned Rep. Mark Souder is in shock at his whole ordeal, considering the unspoken "bros before hos" policy of Congressional Republicans (e.g. John Ensign, David Vitter, Strom Thurmond). Fellow Indiana Republican, Mike Pence, tattled after Souder, an ardent abstinence [...]