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Stars, "No One Is Lost"

If you told me that this song was by Stars I would say, oh yeah, obviously, that voice, yeah, I hear it. But if you didn't, I would hesitate to assume. If you told me it wasn't, I would absolutely believe you. Anyway: This is not a new song by some new band from LA or Berlin or The Playa. This is a new song by Stars.


They Stopped Making Stars

"First, 95% of all the stars we see around us today were formed during the past 11 billion years, and about half of these were formed between roughly 11 and 8 billion years ago in a flurry of activity. But the real shocker is that the rate at which new stars are being produced in galaxies today is barely 3% of the rate back 11 billion years ago, and declining. This indicates that unless our universe finds a second wind (which is unlikely) it will only ever manage to produce about 5% more stars than exist at this very moment. This is, quite literally, the beginning of the end."


Monster Deep-Space Explosion Breaks X-Ray Specs

"The burst was so bright when it first erupted that our data-analysis software shut down. So many photons were bombarding the detector each second that it just couldn't count them quickly enough. It was like trying to use a rain gauge and a bucket to measure the flow rate of a tsunami … When I first saw the strange data from this burst, I knew that I had discovered something extraordinary. It was an indescribable feeling when I realized, at that moment, that I was the only person in the whole universe who knew that this extraordinary event had occurred." -Phil Evans, a postdoctoral research assistant at the [...]


"Porn Star" Colby Keller Gives Away His Instagram; Fans Concerned, Amused, Deflated

Indie porn star Colby Keller is apparently working out some life/art scheme to give up everything—in fact he's given away everything he owned, for free. And, at last evicted by his terrible landlord, he's moving out of Baltimore after nine years. He hasn't made clear where he's going, but somewhere west of Baltimore.

Tomorrow marks the end of #piecesof8 and my final disposal of worldly possessions here in Liberty, Tennessee!

— Colby Keller (@colbykeller) May 31, 2014

One thing he's given away is his Instagram account. Overnight, suddenly, the account became the property of his friend Dena. Reaction was mixed! Mad, amused, intrigued, welcoming, [...]


Vampire Star Actually Just Kind Of Gassy

“It’s named the CRAP mechanism. I don’t know who came up with the term, but that’s what it is called.” —Astronomer Jean-Philippe Berger of the European Southern Observatory discusses the CRAP mechanism, in which a star basically farts out its mass on another star. Science, you are so awesome!


Sad Distant Planet Being Eaten By Its Own Sun!

The latest exciting space drama to come via the Hubble Telescope takes place 600 light years from earth in a constellation called Auriga. There, a huge planet called Wasp 12b is being eaten by its sun, the dwarf star Wasp 12. (The entities are so named not just because "wasp" is a such an awesome word, but for the British project, the Wide Area Search for Planets, through which they were discovered in 2008.) Apparently, the helpless planet is being drawn into tighter and tighter orbit.


Stars, "Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It"

I don't want to bring anyone down, but Stars' "Elevator Love Letter" is ten years old. It is still pretty much a perfect song and certainly a crowning achievement, so even if they haven't done anything as good since then it's hard to see how they could have. Which I guess is why they decided to turn into New Order, as they've done here. Enjoy. [Via]


Tired Old Star Taking A Schvitz

Let me tell ya, sonny, they don't make stars like CW Leonis anymore. You think the sun is a big deal? The sun is nothing! This guy is twice the size-with a radius 250 times bigger! So in his twilight years, 500 light years from Earth, it's only right that he gets to enjoy one of life's true pleasures: a "steam bath." I heard from Herschel.