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Who Wants To Be Luke Skywalker?

In the few weeks before the auditions there was a bubbling sense of excitement which reminded me of the beginning of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. A huge film enterprise, thus far closed to mere mortals, was to let two chosen people not only appear in the film but also perhaps take on lead roles.

I was working at my receptionist job at a local community center in Edinburgh the morning it was announced that Disney and Lucasfilm were holding open auditions for a ‘Major Hollywood Movie.’

"I’m too old, dammit," said Victoria, of the cafe volunteers, "and also they want beautiful, so that [...]


Did Spencer Ackerman Get Beaten Up Enough As A Kid?

"From a military perspective, Hoth should have been a total debacle for the Rebel Alliance…. The defenses the Alliance constructed on Hoth could not be more favorable to Vader if the villain constructed them himself. The single Rebel base (!) is defended by a few artillery pieces on its north slope, protecting its main power generator. An ion cannon is its main anti-aircraft/spacecraft defense. Its outermost perimeter defense is an energy shield that can deflect Imperial laser bombardment. But the shield has two huge flaws: It can’t stop an Imperial landing force from entering the atmosphere, and it can only open in a discrete place for a limited time [...]


11 Disneyland Rides From Terrible To Awesome

11. It's A Small World: Burn it down when it's full of church youth groups.

10. Splash Mountain: Some kind of offensive/idiotic Old South/Slavery thing going on here, very loosely based on the disappeared Disney cartoon feature Song of the South. The set pieces only serve to remind you that this supposed thrill ride is a long, lame experience that's never worth the wait.

9. Autopia: The charming idea of a miniaturized Pasadena freeway from the brief golden age of California car culture is ruined by the gasoline industry propaganda and cancer-spewing go-karts that consistently die on the track. Why aren't the little cars powered by batteries or [...]


Han Solo Mio

"No Jabba to answer to/Ain't a fixture in no palace zoo, no/And since that carbonite's off me/I'm livin' life now that I'm free, yeah… I'm solo, I'm Han Solo/I'm Han Solo, Solo"


Scattered Trees, "Love and Leave"

I know nothing about this band or its music, but I feel pretty strongly that it is impossible to watch this video without at least experiencing the beginnings of a smile. [Via]


George Lucas News Leads To Easiest Post Ever

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that George Lucas is producing a CGI-animated musical, which is pretty much all the excuse I need to put up this clip. Young'uns can learn more here.


Nerd Fracas Narrowly Avoided

"Trouble erupted at the family event between costumed characters dressed as their cyber heroes when visiting Doctor Who fans clashed with Star Wars fans at a special fair in Norwich at the weekend."


"The Kessel Run," a Han Solo Grindhouse Double Feature, and Other Prequels

The Han Solo story would take place in the time period between Revenge of the Sith and the first Star Wars (now known as A New Hope), so although it’s possible Harrison Ford could appear as a framing device, the movie would require a new actor for the lead—one presumably much younger than even the 35-year-old Ford when he appeared in the 1977 original.

  • Han Solo (CGI Dustin Hoffman) and Lando Calrissian (CGI Sly Stone) wind up with a bunch of rebels in a woodsy canyon. While imperial forces hassle teen-aged rebels on the nearby Sunset Strip, Han and Lando find themselves in a groovy love triangle [...]

Movie, You, Old

Star Wars came out 35 years ago today. Everything's different now!


Terrible Movie Still Terrible, But Now in 3D

In honor of today's 3D release of The Phantom Menace, Wired has re-released their 1999 review of that film, also in GLORIOUS, EPIC 3-D. Were we ever this young How could George Lucas possibly botch the most anticipated film in history? Three words: annoying alien sidekick.

Say what you will about extremely rich man George Lucas… because he is extremely rich and will ignore what you say anyway.


MGMT, "Congratulations"

The title track to MGMT's recent album is a nice song that sounds like it could have been on Beck's Mutations. The new video is, I think, even better-although it's very sad. Imagine if The Sheltering Sky took place on Tatooine.


Anakin Skywalker Grows Up

I'm apparently the last person on the Internet to have seen this video, but then again I spend every goddamn day of my life scouring the Internet, so if I missed it there's a chance that you might have too. It's an interview with Jake Lloyd, who played young Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace, and it's utterly charming. He's totally real. I don't know whether I want to give him a hug or a high five, but either way I found the whole thing oddly moving. Maybe you will too. [Via]


Would You Like To Curate 17,000 Star Wars Characters?

"Lucas had already done the cataloging. His company maintained a database called the Holocron, named after a crystal cube powered by the Force. The real-world Holocron lists 17,000 characters in the Star Wars universe inhabiting several thousand planets over a span of more than 20,000 years. It was quite a bit for Disney to process. So Lucas also provided the company with a guide, Pablo Hidalgo. A founding member of the Star Wars Fan Boy Association, Hidalgo is now a 'brand communication manager' at Lucasfilm. 'The Holocron can be a little overwhelming,' says Hidalgo, who obsesses over canonical matters such as the correct spelling of Wookiee and the definitive [...]


White House Petitions For Death Stars Now Require 100,000 Signatures

If you're thinking of starting a We The People online petition to force the White House to respond to some nonsense like "building a Death Star" or "declaring the Sasquatch a threatened species" or "bringing our barbarian gun laws maybe halfway up to the basic standards of 21st Century civilization," you will need more online friends to share your dream. As of now, White House petitions require 100,000 electronic signatures, which is a fourfold increase from the 25,000 required to make the Obama Administration do a cute response to the Death Star thing, even as the Obama Administration rains death from imperial robots upon the rebels (and [...]


Cloud City Art Installation Less Lando Calrissian, More Jimi Hendrix

"As pieces began to be set in place, Mr. Saraceno sneaked a visitor inside and up a twisty staircase about 20 feet above the roof garden. Some of the floors were transparent, and the walls were mirrored steel, acrylic or open to the air. Suddenly buildings, people and trees were upside down or sideways, sometimes almost spinning around from the perspective inside this giant futuristic construction." —While I am slightly disappointed that it is not a Star Wars themed exhibit, I want to go see Tomás Saraceno’s "Cloud City" installation that's being built on the roof of The Met right now. Relatedly (sort of), I had never until [...]


Daft Punk Explained

"This is the worst French Star Wars ballet disco I've ever seen," tweets Alex Seitz-Wald, but I don't think he means it.


Nerds Flip Out Over 'Star Wars' Walker Dog Fantasy Video

People are totally freaking out over this video, of a Star Wars toy living as a dog. It really is incredibly well done! But fellow dog-haters may not enjoy it as much.